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   The water was as clear as glass, and as I ran in, a massive comforting warmth surged through my entire body.  I walked through the beautifully clear water, and the ocean massaged my feet with soft, white sand. I thought to myself what a wonderful place this was!  Montego Bay, Jamaica really is a wonderful place, the city itself seems as if it is alive 24/7, with cars flying about, Jamaicans and tourist alike scurrying onto there next destination.  One of the most exciting things to do in Jamaica is probably go snorkeling, which is also one of the first things I did.

As we approached the boat I could hear the thick accent of our Jamaican snorkeling guide. As the boat started and we approached our drop off zone, I began to get a little anxious, as my palms became sweaty, I felt like just jumping right out of the boat.  Right underneath us was a beautiful and delicate coral reef.  As I looked in the water I could see a plethora of fish swimming about.  Black, blue, yellow, and a beautiful royal purple were all present, it was as if a rainbow was swimming beneath us.  As I jumped into the warm Jamaican water the beauty of this wonderful ocean became even more prevalent.  Fish were buzzing around me everywhere as I proceeded to swim further and further from the boat.  The further away I swam the more wild life I began to notice, blowfish, stingrays, and even jellyfish were present.  These were fish I had all seen in books and on television, but getting to see them in person was astounding. 

            Jamaica is also full of many wonderful places to eat, with many fun entrees and drinks.  One of the more famous Jamaican cuisines is jerk chicken, which is chicken coated in a spicy, BBQ sauce.  As you eat it you can feel the heat on your lips but at the same time taste its sweet sensation on your tongue.  One of the restaurants that I would recommend is the Pelican.  Which is probably one of the best places to buy a milk shake at in the entire world, I don’t know if it’s the Jamaican heat or whether it’s the country itself, but milk shakes at the Pelican are amazing. 

                        Jamaica has one of the most energetic market places you will ever find.  The market is filled with Jamaicans looking to make fast cash, their fast words and business smarts make for an intimidating environment.  The best feature about the market is the ability to barter; everything you see is always priced high by the Jamaican trader.  They know what their valuables are worth and it’s not out of the ordinary to double or even triple the price.  So I would suggest bringing someone who is good at bartering, or you will end up like me and buy a walking stick for twenty dollars, later to find it in a roadside shop for seven dollars.

            The hotel we stayed at was gorgeous, as you walk into your room you begin to see shells strewn about, all the beds have rose petals spread out on them.  This hotel was called the Glorianna, and for good reason.  The pool they supplied was also quite refreshing.  There is nothing like jumping in ice cold water on a hot Jamaican day, with the sun blazing down upon you.

            This concludes my trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica I hope you were able to see what a wonderful place it is.  Maybe you will even get the chance to visit it someday.


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