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     Waves crashed against the smooth, moist beach as a gentle breeze drifted through the orange, purple, and pink sky.  Soft, cool sand embraced my body as I lay there watching shadows surf in the nearly dark night.  The smell of savory steaks, freshly baked pizza, and the aroma of the nearby seafood restaurant floated along the beach, filling the air with a delicious smell that you could almost taste.  Salt from the ocean’s water permeated the air and blended with the mouth-watering fragrance of the restaurants behind the beach.  Relaxation was merely an understatement for describing the soothing Caribbean island of Barbados.

     As I awoke to the sound of noisy seagulls and the sight of warm sun rays peeking through the window’s bold-colored curtains, I got up and wandered down to the hotel’s outdoor breakfast area.  The hot, sandy brick under my feet prepared me for another peaceful day.  After being seated at a small patio table near the edge of the beach, I opened up the worn menu and quickly ordered what sounded best:  French toast.  As I waited for my scrumptious food to arrive, I looked out onto the white beach and saw a few eager toddlers happily building a sand castle with a meager amount of shells.  Close by, their mothers relaxed on colorful beach chairs and appeared to be enjoying the sun and the tan that came with it.  Out in the clear, see-through water, five rambunctious teens attempted to boogie-board on the already high, rough waves.

     A large waitress interrupted my “sight-seeing” with the startling arrival of my sugary breakfast.  As I picked up a knife and fork, I hastily cut the bread which was now tender and soaked in the sweet syrup.  The first bit energized me immediately with an astonishing amount of sugar.  The buttery toast melted in my mouth and was quickly devoured.  After I had finished eating, I ambled down to the beach. 

   The scorching hot sand burnt my sensitive feet, but they were quickly nurtured back to their normal temperature as the lukewarm water splashed against and covered my burning feet.  The crystal clear water receded back to its normal depth as I sauntered along the now damp sand.  From my view on the edge of the water, I watched scrawny gray fish swarm along the edge of the water, tempting foolish children to try to catch them.  Further out, confident parents patiently carried their frightened children through the deep waters onto a shallow sandbar.  On the sandbar, young children excitedly scurried about, attempting to catch their friends with a cool splash of water.  In the hot, dry sand to my right, I watched pushy seagulls gracefully swoop down to pick up popcorn and crackers that were being thrown by a curious little girl.

     My thoughts were interrupted as a sharp, terrible pain dug into my already sunburned leg.  I looked down, only to find an angry, frantic crab retreating back into the ocean leaving me with a painful bruise from its sharp front claw.  I turned around and began to walk towards a nearby restaurant with a gorgeous, tall palm tree swaying in the mild Caribbean breeeze.  Once inside the beachside cafe, I ordered a mango smoothie and slice of raspberry cheesecake.  A few minutes after my request, a thin, tan waitress brought my food and laid it on the table.  The refreshing mango smoothie cooled my mouth and the creamy raspberry cheesecake permeated my body with a tart and rich fruity taste.

     After I had finished my sweet snack and my leg was refreshed in the coolness of the cafe, I strolled back outside for a luxurious and relaxing walk.  A simple vacation in Barbados soothed my stress to a minimum and resulted in an enjoyable trip.  Between the breath-taking views, tropical food, soothing noises, and fragrant scents, Barbados turned into a fun and relaxing vacation.

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