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I’ve left the United States before I went to London, but somehow this trip was different. In the past my adventures were to the many tropical paradises of Latin America; full of relaxation, swimming, and a bit of exploring. England had an entirely different feel and made me want to learn everything about it that I could. Everything had such history; it was intriguing and overwhelming at the same time. It was however, a family trip, and I was not able to see everything I wanted to see. My mother also had me in the corner of her eye basically the entire time. Not necessarily something that makes traveling all that enjoyable. Despite this inconvenience it was still the most magical adventure of my life. New things were all around just waiting for me to find them and immerse myself in these new experiences. The weather was just as I expected and made me never want to leave. The slightly dreary setting enhanced everything and made my memories even better, even the not so happy ones.*Sidenote: I love dreary weather. Mostly, because I sweat in weather hotter than 70 degrees, however this kind of weather also makes me think of the happiest times of my life.*  The history of England made me feel like a child in a large museum, slightly overwhelmed, but excited to discover new things and gain copious amounts of fun historical knowledge.

            Everyday was planned and full of new adventures for the group to experience together.  Westminster Abbey was full of amazing things I never though I’d see. The bodies of infamous royalty, world renowned authors, and other people who have changed the world in one place! I never imagined being so thrilled to explore an old church. Learning about all the things that had happened there was amazing. The knowledge I gained made me feel so informed and grown up. One of my other favorite things was seeing the Winston Churchill War Rooms. A truly fascinating place chalked full of history, adventure, and fun facts. Seeing the place where the most glorious and my personal favorite leader of all time made me feel closer to history. Seeing were some of the most important things in modern history have taken place was like nothing else I have ever experienced. One of the reasons I love Mr. Churchill is that he never shielded his feelings on any subject. Granted the way he phrased his opinions was much more eloquent and guarded than your average Joe, but he was who he was despite his position in society. Being able to walk the halls he walked and see the papers he read, the phones he used, was an experience I will never forget.

Visiting to these places helped me realize why I love exploring and learning new things. The knowledge you gain from reading one book can change the way you look at things forever. Altering your perception on life can give you new insight and allow you to enjoy more things than you ever imagined you could. Learning is the gateway to new horizons and I can’t imagine living in a world without them. Traveling is one of the most enjoyable ways to learn about the world in my experience. Hopefully I will do much more traveling in my future, for I cannot imagine staying in one place for the rest of my life. I need to see new things and learn as much as I possibly can. Life is short and I want all I can get out of it!    100_0454.jpg 

Mom and me at the Tower of London!


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