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Over the summer of 2009, I spend a week at Ithaca College for Math Camp, and it was the highlight of my summer. The average person would say going on vacation to another place would be the best traveling experience but, not me; going to this college was the best experience for me. That week helped me improve my decisions on whether I should dorm or commute, and made me more sociable in meeting new people.
During that week at Ithaca College, I learned a lot about the college life and statistics.  Everyday students and I, who were selected out of the many who applied to be in this camp, would go to class; one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and each class was three hours long. After we were done with our classes, we were able to do  whatever we wanted; being able to walk around the campus, go back to our dorms and sleep since we got up at 7 o’clock in the morning and usually stay up until 12 o’clock socializing, or just being with friends and doing something with them. Everyday, the Ithaca staff would always have something planned for us; whether it be tie-dying shirts, making smores, going on nature walks; which I love, and seeing the waterfalls, or doing karaoke but, we didn’t get to do that because they forgot to book the cafeteria; which I was very upset about because I really wanted to sing. We also got a tour of the campus and it was really beautiful but, too bad they don’t have my major and I’m sad about that because I liked it up there. On our free time, we would either got to the dorm and hang out, go to the gym to workout and play sports, go to the pool, play manhunt at night; which was really fun, or go to the cafeteria to get food because we get one free meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This program has really made me experience part of the college life and having that freedom to do what you please, really makes me like the college life even more.
            Being in the Ithaca College Math Camp has taught me a lot of things that has changed my life for the better and made me the person I am today. All my life I have been this shy girl who was afraid to talk to other people but, the year 2009 was the year I broke out of my shell and became more sociable. I made a lot of new friends in Ithaca; I pretty much was friends with everyone there. The first night up at the college, my roommate and I had everyone in our dorm room and we listened to music and socialized. That was night we all became friends. Another thing I learned was responsibility. Being on my own, I had to do things for myself, things like getting myself up in the morning and doing my work. I also learned not to take too much advantage of the freedom you have at college because when I did, I woke up late in the morning and my roommates and I were late to class but, that was only one day. This program has helped to make me a more independent individual, who is able to make decisions on her own. I have also learned more about statistics and I really enjoyed it, when I understood it. The Ithaca College Math Camp has changed my life forever and I will never forget my time spent there.

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