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Jamaica. Jamaica is my home away from home. Visiting there never gets tired. It’s my chance of escape from the hustle and bustle of New York City. My entire family originated from Manchester, Jamaica. (It’s funny how the only place in Jamaica people claim to visit/ come from is Kingston— including the ones who have never even been to Jamaica. That’s how you can tell the real from the pretenders. Can’t really blame them from wanting to visit/ come from Jamaica because it is such a beautiful island. )  I adore the family homes and relaxing under the palm trees in my hammock, and retreating to the family room in the evening to relax to the evening movie we popped in or watching television on the 4 channels we have to choose from.

Many people are ashamed to say they come from the countryside of Jamaica because of the negativity the town people put on it, but not me. Yes I agree the countryside is nowhere as advanced as the town but that’s the beauty of it all. It’s a beauty to have the country and city life in both my hands. Not many people are blessed to have it both ways. The countryside makes you appreciate the life you have back home and in a sense resent it at the same time too. Many would think I would miss the electronics, and all that technology sitting at home all alone— but not me. You get so wrapped up in the many activities of the countryside that you forget about it all. Countryside, to me, equals freedom. You can roam the lands without your parents being afraid of your well-being (maybe it’s because the town’s so small, so they know everybody there).  You are always running some random errand— buying a can of milk at the town supermarket, running up the hill to the grandaunt’s house for two scallion, bag of onions, and some red peppers, or just walking for the heck of walking.

During Carnival time, there are parties for like every night. All my cousins and I run around the house getting ready —putting on our “hottest” outfits  and then pack up in a car like a can of sardines ready to go have fun. Parties in Jamaica last until the crowd is gone basically or when they have  a powercut . They go on from late in the night until bright the next day.

One party we went to, we didn’t come home until 7 am from that night. It was so much fun thanks to company of family and friends. When we all reached back to my grandmother’s house to go to sleep, she was there washing dishes ready to go about her daily tasks. It was fun walking in the house or yard as we call it, chanting “good morning” but yet just heading to bed. If I were in New York, I would never be able to do that.

So basically, I love Jamaica and definitely love being Jamaican. It’s not the ordinary vacation, but it’s my vacation. With the help of family and friends you enjoy every day of it. Having homes in both Jamaica and New York is like my double- life. There is so much to learn in the different worlds and I am growing to appreciate it every day — from the different lifestyles and slangs to the simplest of things like different driving. Most people just go on vacation to relax and often don’t take anything back from it but some souvenirs, but I on the other hand am taking back a lot.



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