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                 I actually wasn’t all too thrilled. I had always thought that cruises were for snooty rich people who had nothing better to do. I had no idea what was waiting for me: the memories I would receive and how my life would be changed.

After hours of flying, we arrived in Florida, where we would stay for four days. My grandma knows how much of a movie geek I am, and it was her pleasure to take me to Universal Studios and Disneyworld. Our hotel was right across the street from the aforementioned theme park, and we arrived there bright and early by bus. There was some times when I wondered if people cared too much about entertainment than doing what should be done. However, upon arrival of Universal Studios, I understood why we need these things. Soon, everything that was troubling me seemed to melt away as I scampered about the park like a child
At home in Spokane, the largest roller coaster I had ever been on was Silverwood’s “Tremors.” Universal Studios, of course, blew that totally out of the water. With massive coasters that banked, twisted and looped-the-loops, I was more than a tad scared. Mustering up every last ounce of courage that slept within my darkest recesses, I waited in line for The Incredible Hulk. The queue of the attraction warned me about the dangers of Gamma radiation. It didn’t help much.
After what seemed like both an eternity and a second, it was my turn to board. I strapped in, and the car climbed the Gamma Accelerator, my heart knocking on the door of my rib cage to be let out. Suddenly we were rocketed out of the tunnel and into the blinding sun. Excitement soon clouded my fear as I careened and looped and banked over a hundred feet in the air. From that moment on, no coaster scared me. I can’t say the same about my dad.
My father has an intense fear of roller coasters. For some reason, when he sees the track below him, he freaks out and panics, which never made sense to me. I like seeing the track; it let me know that I’m bolted to some kind of device that won’t let me fly into the stratosphere. But for whatever reason, my dad cannot go on a roller coaster in which the track is visible. For this reason, we thought that he would enjoy Space Mountain. How horridly wrong we were.
As most know, Space Mountain is supposed to resemble a ship careening through the galaxy, with the track hidden in the black of space. However, the wonderfully considerate engineers at Disney had recently added some modifications to the ride, one of which is a blatantly visible track. The screams were phenomenal. As we exited the ride, our fellow passengers were surprised not to see the ten-year-old girl whom they thought were responsible for such screams, only my father, with his hair in the fashion of Billy Idol.
Of course, the Caribbean wasn’t as exciting as the theme park, but it was remarkable. As we visited the islands on the Holland America Cruise line, our bus was honked at, and I thought that our driver had no depth perception, but he later revealed to me that it was a friendly greeting in the Caribbean. As the days continued, I was taken away by a different world. A world of gorgeous sunsets, crystal clear water, and endless peace of mind. Often, I wish that I could go back to that paradise, the heaven at the edge of the world.  



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