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As the transition from winter to spring took place, my motivation to be outside in the beautiful weather was never higher. The sky was crystal clear and the sun’s strong rays of light were happily greeted by many assortments of plants. Such weather gave me the inspiration to travel to a local pond and try my luck at fishing.

My journey started when I left my house with all the necessities required for fishing. This included a fishing pole, tackle box, bread, and worms. The pond, which I hadn’t visited since the previous summer, was within walking distance from my house. As I walked along the narrow dirt path that would eventually take me to the pond, I pondered upon my last experience fishing. The fishing was unbelievably great and the pond was alluring, clean, and very natural. Earth’s natural beauty is something I strongly admire and contributes to why so many species claimed this pond as their home. Dozens of ducks used this pond as their central breeding grounds and happily addressed each new visitor in hope of a small snack. Many other species also populated the lake such as turtles, who I could always find bathing in the sun on a submerged log, fish, and many kinds of insects. The atmosphere was delightful, a beautiful location for any naturalist.

My final location was near when a strong odor quickly ended my daydreaming and I found myself at the edge of a pond that I no longer recognized. I stood in shock at the sight of a thick white liquid that adulterated most of the water. My spirits quickly submerged when I realized that the animals that depended on the pond for survival were absent. A feeling of agony rushed through my veins and thoughts that I have never encountered filled my brain. There were no turtles bathing in the sun, there were no fish in the water, and there were no ducks for me to feed.

I scanned the area for any evidence of how such a horrible thing could happen and I spotted the dilemma. About 100 yards from my location, I noticed a house that had recently gotten a new coating of white paint. At that moment, I knew that the paint was the substance that polluted the pond. What I didn’t understand; however, is why anyone would want to destroy such a beautiful habitat that many animals once relied on. There was an important lesson to be learned.

When I witnessed the destruction of a local habitat, a hidden desire was created to do all I could to try and protect what is left of our natural Earth. This includes joining a recycling club at school called Hope Club, becoming more educated on how to preserve the environment, and many smaller tasks.As a whole, humans need to realize that the lives of many plants and animals can easily be destroyed by the carelessness of humans. Environmentally, precautions need to be taken such as using less fossil fuels and energy. If we continue to destroy habitats along with their occupants, we will make irreversible mistakes that will have a huge impact on future generations.


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