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When I first embarked to a land new and strange
Everyone told me that my life would change.
I brushed off the comments and said mildly,
“It’s just a vacation. I’ll still come back me.”
But no matter how badly I want to be right
Their words to this day come back with a bite.
I did come back different, though not how I thought.
That trip was the best thing my money has bought.
When I first heard of the trip to Paris, France
My first thought was “I don’t have a chance.”
It was almost cruel, the trip of my dreams,
At an obvious cost, being torn at the seams.
But my friends all insisted, to the meeting I went.
In an hour I knew no matter what I had spent
To go on this trip, I would not regret
Any amount of money I spent.
So I scrimped and I saved all summer long
Until April came, in a travel-glazed fog
My nerves bubbled up as I boarded the plane
Aboard Air France, I felt I was going insane.
To top off my nerves, the plane ride was rough
The turbulence knocked around most of our stuff
With all of the fuss, I could not sleep a wink
I lay awake, pie-eyed, and started to think.
Of the wondrous times we would have once on land,
That is, if my knees didn’t shake so I could stand!
We arrived early, the landscape was grey,
And I wondered if this fog would last all the day.
Cold, tired, and dazed, we were sent out in a bunch
On the Champs-Elysees in search of some brunch.
That’s when I had my first French encounter
Handing over some Euros at the Pomme de Pain counter,
And that’s when it hit me full on in the face,
I was experiencing Paris at a breakneck pace.
From our food search, to the Louvre museum,
Each sculpture seemed to shine and gleam,
Our time there was not nearly enough,
But we had to move on to see other stuff.
Our hotel in Paris was Princess Caroline,
And though rooms were tiny, they suited me fine.
All of the staff were friendly and gay,
And the Arc du Triomphe was just steps away!
In the four days we spent amongst glitter and din,
We saw so many things that it made my head spin!
We toured the flea market, haggling for deals,
Then took to the Artist’s district for one of our meals.
San Chappell’s windows loomed so large and bright,
It almost looked like they were endless in height.
Our trip to Versailles, with its neatly trimmed lands,
Showed me the power and greed of a single rich man.
And from the top of the Eiffel Tower,
I felt like a queen, if just for one hour.
The most amazing part of being there,
Was that I could decide when to go and where.
Our tour guide gave us time to do what we chose,
In a foreign city, where anything goes.
Having that kind of freedom was thrilling and new,
And in a city like Paris, there was so much to do!
Never before had I had freedom been so sweet,
And I blended right into the city’s own beat.
Four days went by before I could breathe,
And before I knew it, it was time to leave.
With a wistful sigh as we boarded the plane,
Wondering if I’d ever see it again,
I realized with shock that I would come back new,
And that travelling is something everyone should do.


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