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    I love orchestra trips.  Every year, my school’s orchestra heads to California for a long weekend of merry, good times and jolly memories.  The reason I am partial to these extensive, loud bus rides and infinite sleepless nights is, in fact, due to my love for orchestra and, conjointly, my love for trips.  However, “Orchestra Trip ‘09” is not exactly dubbed “jolly” in my memory bank, nor was it the epitome, or even close to being, merry.
    We embarked on our “orch-dork” venture after school on Thursday, March 19, 2009.  I should have realized a foreshadowing when my bus buddy ditched me for some other friend without cordial notice or apologetic acknowledgement; but I didn’t.  Instead, I momentarily whined silently, and opted for my back-up buddy, my boyfriend. 
    As quaint as it seems, there’s a little fact that should be known about that bus ride: I did not sleep on it.  It didn’t help at all that we arrived at the Best Western in San Diego in the early AM, therefore, I did not get to sleep more than two hours before having to wake up, shower, and eat breakfast before departing for our activities at 8:00AM. It’s safe to say I was tired. 
    Our day was to include whale watching and then a stroll around Seaport Village. Despite the multiple rare breaches that we witnessed while whale watching, the combined stench of diesel fuel mixed with the obnoxious hum of the boat’s motor did not appeal to my liking that day.  Keep in mind that I only slept a total of about three hours the night before and was prone to complaining about any disturbance I encountered.  My next disturbance that day was the annoying flute player in Seaport Village.  Any other day I would have enjoyed the brief ten seconds of flute music as we walked past, but not that day; not happening. Everyone I was with continued to provoke my irritancy, lingering on my last bit of tolerance by repeating the schoolyard rhyme, “…and in-flew-ENZA!”  I hated it.  I wanted to dip them into the water and wring out their necks with my bare hands.  I do not know why I was so agitated, but let me reaffirm something that might help it make sense: I was tired.
    That night, I fell asleep at 2:45AM.  Roommates are surely wonderful conversationalists when you don’t want them to be.
    The next day was SeaWorld, where my agony degenerated.  It began with a fight with my boyfriend, worsened when I was completely soaked on the water rapids ride (in the cold California breeze and sixty-degree weather), and ended in such utter hatred and cynicism, that nothing could make me smile.
    That night, I fell asleep at 11:00PM.  Roommates are surely wonderful when they recognize your bitter mood and fatigue.
    We spent the last day at the San Diego Zoo.  Unfortunately, I loved it.  It was the one day I was happy out of the whole trip. 
    I made my own disaster.  Instead of seeing how fortunate I was to be on a trip with my orchestra, I chose to see the bad.  I was tired, cold, hungry—but so was everyone else.  They just chose to find the good, and I didn’t.  I still love orchestra, and I still love trips, as for the sleepless nights, I’ll do my best to avoid them, especially during this year’s orchestra trip.  Since I’m a senior, it will be my last one, and therefore, I plan to make many jolly memories.

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