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Have you ever stood utterly amazed by a breathtaking landscape or been absolutely inspired by a work of art?  If you haven’t, close your eyes and envision yourself standing before Stonehenge, one of the world’s famed architectural mysteries. Or perhaps, you can imagine standing opposite the Mona Lisa, which happens to be surprisingly smaller than you presumed.  Astonished by the overwhelming sentiment of respect for the artists and builders of these great objects, you would feel lighter, more cheerful, and surprisingly satisfied. These emotions represent only a small fraction of what I felt Spring Break 2009. As I ventured out on a tour of England, a few classmates and my mom happily joined me on my quest for adventure.


Finally, stepping off the plane into the crisp England air, I suddenly realized I was finally there! After the lengthy but enjoyable flight with my friends, I had made it! As we impatiently hopped on to the tour bus that would accompany us to our first destination, we creatively conjured up songs about the delights that we would see. First on our list was Windsor Castle. Upon arrival, I literally had to pinch myself. I was walking the ground, the same grounds the Queen walks when she visits. The thought was overwhelming. However, I weaseled my way past the urge to stand freeze with shock as we continued to our next destination, Stonehenge.

Upon arrival, I stepped off the tour bus and couldn’t move. Shoving me to the side, my friends unloaded and bum rushed me to see the architectural masterpiece up close. Sunset was nearing, and my mom, who accompanied me on the trip, grabbed my arm and dragged me towards the goliath structure. We approached just as the sun was setting behind the colossal rocks. Snapping as many pictures as humanly possible we sauntered around and admired the architecture. How could they build such a thing without modern day technology! It was a mystery, a mystery that I will be thankful I saw for myself.

Fortunately, this was only the first day of our magnificent tour of England. During this eye-opening seven-day trip, we visited Stratford-Upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s grave, Oxford, the Catskills, Big Ben, and numerous art museums showcasing magnificent works like Vango, Monet, and Rembrandt. Adding to the excitement England strolled through Piccadilly Square, wandered in the luminous caves of Bath, meandered down the halls of Westminster Abby, stopping to hear the choirboys and see Charles Darwin’s grave, which ironically lies in a church. 

Although this trip was not my first time to leave the country, it had its effect by opening my eyes to history, past culture, diverse ethnicity, and the beauty of traveling. In opening my eyes, this trip has helped me to mature into a well-rounded person. Also reinforcing my knowledge of the importance of travel, this particular trip helped me also to realize that because of the places I have visited and the people I have been blessed to see, I have developed into a well-formed person.  I have no doubt that someone given the ability to travel will mature into a knowledgeable person as a result. From experience, the journey to being well-rounded also includes the delightful experience of being awed along the way. 

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