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Woshh! The plane lands on the ground and I’m the first one to jump up and start to head out. Was I relieved to get out of that 22 hour plane ride? The answer is YES! I finally entered Pakistan, “Airport of Islamabad”. As I proceed my way to the baggage claim area, I see a million eyes staring me up and down. For a second, I wondered why? But than I realized, it’s because I’m wearing modern clothes and they’re not use it. I walk pass all those man without a scarf on my head, they gave me awkward looks and it scared me enough for me to run out of the airport. Wow, the crowd outside was immense, I saw a bunch of taxi drivers running towards every visitor they see, it was like fifty football players rushing to capture the ball, and one of the passengers literally tackled the driver because he won’t let him go. I haven’t had this experience for six years, I was quit amazed.

My trip to Pakistan was a very interesting experience. I went through many circumstances that taught me a lesson. When I was departing from US to Pakistan a lot of people said “Don’t go, the war is going on, and they will bomb you”. Well that was something I was use to hearing, but not something I respected at all. Pakistan is not just a land of anger and bombs, it’s more than that. People come together and enjoy there culture, beliefs and holidays together as a whole. Living in California, USA, I thought I was suffering in heat and it couldn’t get any worse but staying in Pakistan for 3 months have taught me what suffering really is. When I was staying in Pakistan, the electricity would go off after every two hours, and the temperature would be around 110 degrees, at least it felt like it. I remember once all our family members were eating and the electricity went off, than all of the neighbors and us came out of the houses and brought candles and ate together; it was a moment that left a mark on my heart. Since the war needs water as well, everyday in Pakistan for 3 hours there is no water. In the house I was living in, has a canal hooked in the ground which provides water, so everyday all the neighbors would come and fill water in many buckets and take home so they don’t run out, and to me this was very shocking because in USA people waste water like none other.
Pakistan is a land of poverty. There are so many poor people begging on the roads and dying because no one is there to support them. Every time I saw someone begging, I gave them some money, thinking maybe it will help a little.
            Despite all the discomfort in Pakistan, there are also many good parts to my land. I went to so many beautiful places, like Faisal Mosque, Pakistan Monument, Quaid-i-Azam University, Dam-Ne-Ko, Rawal Dam, and Murray. We went on picnics, had festivals together and I actually felt the meaning of family because ever since I came to USA, I haven’t felt the meaning of togetherness. I had the best memories in Pakistan that I would never forget but in these memories I have learn selfless lessons that have changed my life in many ways and with these lessons I can change other people’s perspective on what they think of Pakistan. I believe people shouldn’t judge something until they experience it.

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