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I can safely say, without any hesitation, unequivocally, without any shadow of a doubt I bleeding hate the snow. 

Fun for 1 day and so pretty but the UK is just not setup for this kind of weather and it grinds to a halt. 

I am really sick of being stuck at home.  I live on the top of a hill in a street that does not get salted so taking the car anywhere is a very precarious situation. 

As the temperature plunges each night the compacted snow turns to ice and make driving conditions down a steep hill hazardous indeed.  If I can get to the bottom of the hill without hitting anything it will be a result. 

Once on the flat and the main roads its OK bet then I have to get back up the hill and into my street and park again on snow and ice on a hill.  Not fun! 

So I have been stuck at home for days and it’s sooooooooo boring!!

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