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My family and I checked ourselves in and began loading the ship. Thousands and thousand of people were in the same position as us. “This weekend is going to be nothing but fun” I thought as we trailed behind many other families. This was going to be my first cruise and I did not know what to expect.

As the ship pulled away from the dock we were off to Ensenada. Something told me as we left the dock that this was going to be something more than I had anticipated. My dad looked at me and asked “Erica, You know Mexico has a very different culture than we do right?” Not knowing what that meant exactly I just shook my head and smiled.

It was soon announced that the ship had just arrived in Ensenada. They disembarked the ship and everyone went about their ways. As I walked off the ship I was sort of shocked by the sight I saw. Families all over were selling goods for a living. As we continued to walk throughout the city I noticed something extremely disturbing. A mom with three little toddlers and two what looked like, newborns were wrapped up in dirty, torn cloths and slung around the mother’s neck while she went about making the daily money. The toddlers that were running around eating out of trashcans made my stomach turn.  Everything about this scene was not right. Many Americans bargained to lower her already cheap prices. “Tres dólares para una pulsera” she explained to the tourists that would pass. But for some reason the condition of her clothing and the way her children were living wasn’t enough for the American’s to accept the prices of her jewelry. 

After stepping back and watching these things happen I had been separated from my family. I began to panic because I had no clue where they had gone and I had no way of getting a hold of them. I was alone in a whole different country and I did not know my way around. For some reason however, I began to calm myself down. “My family had to be around here somewhere” I told myself. I just walked up and down the streets and through the shops. I found something that caught my eye. It was a set of wind chimes. When I looked at them, they just reminded me of peace. A place that was so calm. So calm in the fact that amongst all the atrocious conditions everyone living here was so determined. They worked their tails off to make ends meet. They would give up the world to make sure their families were satisfied.

Something about buying those wind chimes made me feel peaceful. Although I was still lost and lonely in such a foreign country I took in a large amount of morals. No matter how horrible I thought my parents treated me, or how bad my life was, I could never complain quite the same as I had previous to the visit to Ensenada. Many families struggle day in and day out to make sure there is food on the table, makes it that much easier to appreciate the life I live.

I ended up finding my parents and we all boarded the ship and headed back to the United States. This trip that was just supposed to be fun, games and shopping ended up becoming something extremely didactic. All that I had observed throughout the visit to the city of Ensenada, would never had affected me the same if I had not witnessed it myself.


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