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I know people always say that the Grand Canyon is vast, ginormous, but I took those words lightly. I believed them but didn’t have the imagination to conjur up an image of a huge HOLE in this Earth. So when I heard that our next summer road trip was headed towards the Grand Canyon, I didn’t think it was going to be so grand. Of course, as a fan of natural wonders, I still got pretty psyched about it. I started counting down the days to our greatest adventure yet.

The journey on the road was an adventure of its own. The rented SUV was spacious and my little brother and I soon spotted our “nesting” grounds. We ate sugary treats and soon enough were full of rambunctuous energy. Although I live in Los Angeles, California the drive didn’t feel as long as I expected as we passed by many interesting towns and mountainous natural masterpieces.

Soon enough, we arrived. I remember arriving at the hotel, quickly unloading the van with a superfluously heavy luggage, and ranning back to the van to drive off and catch a glimpse of the wonderful and majestic Grand Canyon before night fell. We first had to get a parking ticket, which took quite a while. With a long string of cars, it felt like we wouldn’t make it on time. Slowly but surely we made our way into the parking lot. Too excited to wait to get out, I started peering out the window trying to see though the trees ahead and into the canyon. Just the glimpse was a sight for sore eyes. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. I caught glimpses of reds, browns, yellows, and greens.

We soon got out of the van and I couldn’t help but run towards the natural wonder. My family caught up with me and we all were left breathless as we stared out into..well…a GRAND canyon. My God. To tell you that it was big would be an understatement. Even words like huge, ginormous, and gigantic wouldn’t be enough. The canyon was ETERNAL. Like the ocean, it felt like the other side of the canyon was the edge of the world itself. I turned to the left and saw an endless stretch of the canyon. Far beyond looked foreign, almost as if it was another world on its own. I imagined finding different life forms on that side, but then again I was a yound kid with quite an imagination. I turned to the right and saw yet another stretch of the canyon, showing me yet another foreign world.

The day was a bit foggy and so I couldn’t take in the bright red colors of the canyon but, nevertheless the sight was beautiful. We neared closer to the edge where we can see the bottom of the canyon. I’m not fearful of heights but on that day I feared the height of the canyon. There was a long way down and I walked with caution as we started hiking along the trails. I even told my family to walk with extra caution, fearing that a small slip could be the end of this happy trip.

Dusk started to settle in and we headed towards the hotel. The next day was even more spectacular. The sun was shining brightly and it required a tanktop and shorts to go outside. Seeing the Grand Canyon once again brought a strange familiarity and at-home feeling. The colors on the canyon reflected brightly and the beauty was now fully understood. I took so many pictures, hinked many trails, and stared out into the eternity of the canyon. It was a shame we would leave the next day. I didn’t want to leave the place. However, I promised myself, I’d come back soon and once again stare out into this enternal canyon.

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