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      I’m the girl that has spent most of her life ignoring my surroundings. One day, I dreamt of something beautiful. It consisted of palm trees, salty beaches, seagulls, and movie stars. The buildings were gorgeous; the people were so proper and so sophisticated. They wore their Versace sunglasses like it was their destiny. Gucci bags and thousand dollar purses accessorized them. When I caught a glimpse of Beverly Hills, California, I realized there was so much more out there. There was class. There was magic. I’ve always been a dreamer but the vacation was breathtaking at the least. My worries were gone in a second.

      I live in a economy effected, small fading town with limited opportunities. Everybody knows everything about everybody. Everybody, in my world, is afraid to leave the home in which they are so accustomed to. But me, I want to fly away now. I know my hometown is filled with good people but it’s just the way I feel. I’m headstrong. It’s my dream though. I’d fight a lifetime just to live a day in such tranquility. Everything is so calm, so still. You forget you’re in LA when you enter Beverly Hills. I love LA’s loudness, but love Beverly Hill’s silence even more. Here, I am surrounded by corn and dullness.  The weather is cold and dreary four months out of every year. The beaches hardly compare to the ocean.
      It was my father, my mother and I. It was perfection. It was much more than I ever imagined. Thinking about the deep blue ocean and the many piers just takes my breath away, still. It beckons me every single day. California itself is something that comes to my mind all the time. Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, LA itself – the three appeal to me more than anything. In Beverly Hills, the stores just look expensive and fabulous.  Nobody understands my most passionate obsession. It’s the sun beating down your face and the air rarely giving you chills. It’s the beauty of the sky and its millions of colors when the sun sets. It’s the intoxicating smell of food being served on the piers.
      There are millions of people who complain about LA and its smog, its constant heat. The heat and the smog are nothing to me. The bright lights continue calling my name. I can still remember the way we drove down the 405, the way the palm trees swayed in the wind. My heart longs to be there again. I listened to “California” by Phantom Planet and songs by the Beach Boys. Weezer’s “Beverly Hills” jammed in my ears as we drove by the Hills. I learned what I want in life, the success that I desire. I know I will never be satisfied without being that close to purity. There were problems, sure, my parents getting lost all the time. I wouldn’t mind the traffic jams and the millions of people. I love the city, the beach, and Beverly Hills. And one day I am going to get on a plane and fly there. It’s my dream. I’m the girl who’s California-bound. I’m that girl – I’m on the other side, trying to get in. Visit just once and it may change your perspective – maybe your dreams too. 



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