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Hi guys and gals! I know that’s not a way to start off an essay, but I wanted to do something different I guess. Anyways let me tell you when my fun began or should i say this long trip that took a toll on my tooshie. During spring break of March 2010, my birthday had just passed and I wanted to travel as a present. So after the discussion with my mom and stepdad we did, along with my four sisters and brothers. Could you imagine the type of space i actually had to stretch? Yepp none. I was just grateful that we were being able to afford to see something new and visit family I’ve never seen or heard of. We took off in our expedition truck at nine thrity-two that night, i remember that part well because everyone was telling us goodbye like we were going away for good, but it was only a week away from home. So eventually they let us leave and we were on our way to south carolina. The trip there was very quiet thank god ! We arrived in Manning,SC at six-forty five AM and check in at the Ramada Hotel. I had a ball that day I got to see old friend I haven’t gotten to see since my sophomore year in high school. It made me sad at the end of the day to know that it was time to leave my past behind once again, but after awhile i cheered back up because we arrived in Fayetteville,NC a few hours later. At first I was wondering why we would even stop here, it looked so deserted. Then stepdad annonced that we were picking up my stepbrother and visiting more family. After getting lost for a hour and a half , we finally found my aunt’s house. I’ve never met this lady a day in my life but meeting her was worthwhile because, at the end of the trip me and my sister got a bunch of perfume sets and got to see my stepbrother whom we haven’t seen since 2008. After a almost nine hour drive with only three stops in between we ended up in Patterson,NJ and boy was this town scary. The hills were steep, people was walking in the road not paying any care to cars trying to pass, and it was flooded every where you turned to look. Our hotel Holiday Inn sat on top of a hill that looked dangerous for a car to even try to climb. Once we made it up there it was beautiful I didn’t even want to leave. The rooms 326 and 328 were just amazing. The beds were so comfortable that morning I didn’t even want to get up to go to new york, but of cousre I did. The drive to new york was only fifteen minutes away but it seemed like forever when the traffic got backed up on the freeway. Thirty minutes later we were in Time Square,NYC. Like dude! You would have to see it to actually feel what I was feeling that day. It was overwhelmingly awesome! I saw a freakin’ McDonalds Express (I’ve never even heard of this) drive-thru that you had to go up to by FEET! Like whoa! That alone was just mind-blowing for me. Time square was hectic. The city was like eating a bowl of paranoia for me, cars were beeping, people were J-Walking, and above all we were barely moving, which was kinda a good thing more sightseeing. At the end of the day we headed back to new jersey for shopping in downtown. Two days later after visiting in new york and new jersey it was time to say goodbye to the paranoia and terrifying hills. overall im grateful that we made it back safe as you can see and even though the ride hurt my bottom a little, it was all worth it…

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