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My heart was beating like a bass in a car. Up and down it went.  I was getting more and more pumped up and ready to face any challenges or fears in my way.  While my black belt test proceeded, I pushed myself till I couldn’t go anymore, and passed the test with flying colors.  While being congratulated, a reminder flooded into my head.  I was to meet the CEO of Active Ride Shop later that day to discuss business matters on how we would distribute my shirts for Wreckless, a shirt company I started from nothing.

     Scurrying back to my house, wearing the black belt around my waist, I quickly undressed, took a shower, brushed my teeth and combed my hair. Dressed in my James Bond suit, all white, accompanied by my blacked out Porsche to compliment my suite, I drove through the hustle and bustle of late afternoon traffic on the freeway to the headquarters of Active Ride Shop, 100 miles away.  With some sample shirts, a few business cards, and my imagination, I drove with ease. Since one of my favorite songs was playing on the radio at the time, I whipped out my air guitar and began pulling super solo’s to Metallica to pass some time.  Without stopping, even to hit a bathroom at a grungy gas station, I was going to be on time as I promised. If I was late, I’d feel awfully bad because professionalism is key to strengthening one’s business.

     When I finally arrived at Active, I walked through the entrance.  I caught the CEO on the corner of my eye.  He had the laid back look, the board shorts, sandals and a tank top,  not to mention his sunglasses and tan.  He was quite the opposite of what I had imagined a CEO looking like.

     Taking me into his office, I sat down on a plush chair in front of his large, round desk.  Kindly, he offered me some Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy to show me some hospitality, and of course I accepted it.  While I shoved the taffy into my white slacks, he whipped out a large sum of papers in a loose folder and showed me the business plan he had outlined for Wreckless.  It contained marketing strategies, locations for potential stores to carry Wreckless and steps I could take as an entrepreneur to further advance Wreckless into a nationally known company.  I liked what he had outlined for me to do.  The business plan was the icing on the cake and it was going to push me further into the business world.  After the meeting, I explained to him that I always had faith that Wreckless was going to become popular.  He simply smiled and said, “With your skills, Sam, I’ve come to believe you’re the youngest up and coming entrepreneur this world has ever seen.”  I thanked him and with some redness in my cheeks and a chip on my shoulder, I left the office thinking I really was Mr. Bond himself, known for something.   

     Sitting on a wool couch back when I got home, eating the Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy, I felt I had learned a lot.  The business plan had really put things in perspective for me. I realized that business was so much more than checking up on stocks, or reading the newspaper about the economy.  Business is a social and active working environment.  It never seems to stop moving.  When I finally went upstairs to go to bed, I turned on the radio, busted out my air guitar and played to the current number one song of the month, “I want to be somebody”.


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