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  in 2008 me and my father planed a trip to dove springs california just north of mohave. we had it planned our perfectly becouse thanks giving was coming up shortly we decided why not kill two birds with one stone we planned the trip thanksgiving day weekend.of course it was a open offroad are so me and my best friend whom wich i invited along just couldnt rezist but to bring our dirtbikes. so a couple weeks later my dad informed a few people of the trip and we were loading up our fith wheel before we knew it.

   we stocked it up with the usually things like hot dogs junk food gas fire wood and plenty of blankets becouse we knew it was gunna be cold in the high altitude. when we hit the road it was about 6 oclock in the morning our groginess in the care didnt help my father with his bad morning atitude. we stopped at jack in the box in the morning i distinctivley remember this becouse it gave me the worst stomach ache after we finished eating. wich made the ride horrible nearly unbarible. this was a horrible way to start off the trip for me and not what i expect what was supposed to be and exiting morning would feel like.

     we arived around three hours later we stopped at the gas station and picked up energy drinks so being tired was a non issue. we unloaded everything withing 5 minutes due to our great amounts of exitment. my friend and i had our gear on and were out the door before we knew it. we rode that whole first day with only return trips for gas and water. we spent some of our time taking pictures and enjoing the scenary in the mountains. we even rode through a area high up in the mountains that was full of snow and creeks.

 de back with barely anysunlight to keep us on track. we nearly got lost but furtunatly that wasnt my first rodeo and we made our way back. that night we spet roasting marshmellows sitting in our gear without a shower in sight dreaming of tomarow and the times we would have in the morning. we enjoyed a varied show off fire works from the local campers or in that case our neighbrs. the smoke from the fire helped by making my eyes tired and it was a easy nights rest for me that night in dove springs.

   the next morning everybody in our camp prepaired there own big breakfast meal and we had a potluck type breakfast to provide energy for the next day off riding, this day i everyone in the camp prepaired for a long ride up to a natural spring that spawns out of the mountains near the snowline. we topped off our bikes and hit the rode. it took us less time then i thought it would but others came in a little later than we did. we were prepaired to see something that we had never seen before and we looked in amazment. but when we all feested our eyes upon the spawn point the water was poluted and the creek clogged with trash. it ruined our ride and we decided to clear the trash from the creek so someone else could enjoy the sight more than we had. our ride back was slow but we made up for the disappointment in a long night of roasting marshmellows.

   this affected me greatly becouse with all the talk of polution i never thought that it woul affect me in anyway. but when i seen it clogging a natural water way i felt obligated to do something about it. this was strange to see in  such a remote area and made me think about what we can do to help the enviroment. now i recycle everything recylable out of my house and pick up trash for community service to try to help out in a small way.

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