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  In the summer of 2009 I was having a great time. Going out with friends and family just having alot of fun. As the summer started coming to a end I wanted to go on a trip far away. Well my wish was granted. My best friend Vivian invited me to take a trip to Kern river in Bakersfield California. Me along with her mom, dad, brother Andy, foster sisters Genine and baby Arianna , Cousin Biris, boyfriend Brian, Brian’s little sister Selena, and our friend Timmy. All these people were outgoing and loud so if you put us all together its going to be one crazy adventure. 

  On a calm Saturday morning i woke up to a rough banging on my window. It was Vivian telling me to wake up. I remember being sleepy but excited so it was easy to jump out of bed. I had already had my things packed the night before so i just got dressed and kissed my parents goodbye. As i walked down the drive way to Vivians expodition i saw her parents in the front seat. she opened the door to reveal a big shocker, the car was packed! we managed to fit 11 people in one truck. it was the most uncomfortable ride ever. None of us kids new where this place was, we didnt expect it to be too long. It ended up being very long, uncomfortable, hot, but funny. 

We made a pit stop before we hit the road. It seemed as if we past the same thing all the time. everything was desert then became grass then farms and deserts again. Then we started going through mountains so we felt our selves getting closer. Mountains lead to roads and repeated. It was burning up in the car with all the body heat, and regular summer heat. The worst part was no air conditioning! The only thing that kept our hopes up were the thoughts of the river and Michael Jackson lyrics. We sang along with his special edition cd half the trip.

Then suddenly the quick turn from a mountain made our faces light up. We saw a huge lake wich ment the river was close! Finally the moment we thought would never come finally came, we parked. We found a camping spot right next to the river along with some of our neihbors from back home who were already there. We all helped unload and once we finished we all ran to the river and rinsed our faces.

The water was cold but felt so refreshing. I took a minute to look at my surroundings. It was the most natural, beautiful landscape I’ve seen. The river was filled with rocks large and small. Tall trees everywhere and rocky mountains all under a sky of blue. Luckily i brought my camera and took pictures of the water and trees and all the colors I saw. I wanted to take a picture of everything. Everywhere I went i wanted to bring my camera it was that beautiful out there.

     It was so peaceful it amazed me. All you hear is the sound of the water hitting the rocks. Us kids being kids got tempted to get in the water, so we did. When you look in the water there are little tide pools of small fish we called guppies. Once you past the soil of the water you hit rocks. We were unaware the current was a bit tough and there were rocks covering the whole river floor. Too top that all the rocks were covered in algae wich made them very slippery and we were barefoot. So first thing everyone who stepped in was fall and scream because they hit there toe or something. This made everything more of a challenge for us, but it also made it fun.

  We all moved down the river and let the current take us. The hard part was moving upstream. We would stop at the big boulders in the middle of the river and climb up them to just relax and sit on them. Then once it was time to head back we would talk our dear time. It was a real work out getting up stream, so we would take our little breaks and just sit. sometimes as you sit and just look in the water you wouls see the big fish swim right past you. That was a first for me, to be that close to a fish in the same body of water.

  The whole trip was a first for me. It was alot of fun and i wish to one day revisit Kern river and have a new adventure.


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