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I’m here in Shanghai, China!

We went to World Exposition today and the lines were incredible. The line for the USA exhibit was four hours long, and you had to have reservations to get into the Chinese exhibit. There were so many people that I felt like I was part of a mob. The lines were too long, so my mom and I walked around and looked from the outside. England’s exhibit looked like a cloud. The Expo mascot is also really adorable; his name is Haibao and he’s got a lot of spunk.


My aunt and I took a walk by the Yellow River today. The air was cool and foggy and it seemed like a festival was going on (it was just a normal Saturday night); there were fireworks in the distance and children riding a small merry go round and fishing in inflatable swimming pool for toys. Boats shaped like dragons were gliding along. We walked up into the square where there were people dancing and children doing a cakewalk, a fashion show with blaring music, and then –

“Look over there, bunnies!”

There was a woman with a bamboo stick over her back, and on the ends of each were tiny purple rabbit cages. We bought a grey and white one.



I spent the day with my cousin Huan-Huan and his fiancee, while they took professional bridal pictures. In China, before you get married you have to hire a photography company to take you around the city and photograph you in bridal clothes. It’s so glamorous; you even have a makeup and hair stylist traveling with you. They both looked beautiful, and it was funny to see my silly cousin try to act formal.

I tried Kiwi flavored potato chips and green tea Oreos today!


Today I woke up early and went walking by myself. It was 7:00 AM and the square was crowded with people. There was a group of people doing tai-chi, another learning how to salsa, and there was also fan-dancing, badminton, and ball-dancing. I walked by the elementary school where the children were buying lanyards and eating bread; there was a man there selling baby chickens too. Two children stood by the entrance and saluted whenever a teacher walked inside.


Today we went to visit my grandma’s grave. We bought flowers, candles, incense, and paper clothes, shoes, money, refrigerators, washing machines, and TVs. We burned incense and bowed to them, and lit a fire and burned the paper things so they would rise to the deceased.

After we finished, we said goodbye and walked away. We didn’t look back because we’re not allowed to. The one thought that kept going through my mind was, “They’re dead, but we’re still alive.” And I thought about all the people that I loved and it just all seemed so significant to me that they were still here, and I was still here, and we could still keep going.


It’s my last day in China, and I feel like I’m leaving home. China has made me realize how much family means to me. Whenever I watch my mom doing facial exercises with my aunts, or listen to my uncle exclaim about the stock market, I’ll get a warm and fuzzy feeling. China is beautiful, and so is my family.

Note: I do not have any practical details because I stayed in my grandparent’s apartment. Also, I am listed as a college/graduate student but as of May 15, 2010, I was enrolled as a high school senior at the American School.


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