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I’m the type of person to usually be right about things. I recently went to Argentina with my family to visit other family members that I have never heard of. Since this was the first time traveling outside of the U.S, I was a little skeptical about the whole trip. When I thought of Argentina, I thought of nothing but mountains. Since it was winter over there, it made it all the more better. I am half Argentinean by my dad and half Colombian by my mom, so my dad was the one who planned the trip. We were planning on staying for 3 weeks, which to me was a long time. My little sister and I thought that we would need lots of warm clothes because we didn’t think of Argentina as “advanced in technology”, so we would make bad remarks to my dad about where he was from. He told us “when you get to Argentina, you are going to take back all that you’ve said”, and he was right. It took us almost 12 hours to get to our destination, which also makes it my first time being in a plane. So this was a whole new experience for me, especially being in a country that speaks a completely different language. Of course, I knew some Spanish but it’s not my strongest language. We finally arrived to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

I would describe Buenos Aires similar to New York. They have subways, taxis, a lot of people, and a lot of things to do. I was speechless when I saw all that I did. The two cities were as different as they were alike. In Buenos Aires, the landscaping is very unique looking and there are a lot of colorful buildings rather than just all grey. 

It wasn’t long before we left the beautiful city behind because out of the eight states in Argentina, my dad happened to live in the smallest one. He is from Tucuman which is very rural, and so I learned to a lot visiting there. We visited a place where it had a view of the mountains and when the sun would set, the skies would be a mix of purple and orange. The view was amazing, even if I was afraid of heights.

Another difference was the fact that not many people had heating and cooling systems. My uncle has a gas heater that would keep his house warm but was very dangerous if someone happened to be too close. That was my biggest mistake. Since it was winter, and I was very cold, I caught on fire. I was wearing sweats and a sweater, not noticing how close my butt was next to the heater. I suffered from second degree burns all over my butt. We called the ambulance, and I was thinking that we were on our way to the hospital. We arrived to the place where we stayed and I noticed that in Argentina, the ambulance comes to your house and treats you there.

Up to this day, I still am in the process of healing but I’m getting better each day. In the end, I learned how lucky of a life I have been living and how I judged Argentina so wrong. I underestimated how much fun and beauty would be there. Because of the different cultures everywhere, the experience has made me more interested and eager to travel all over the world. I thank my dad for taking away my ignorance.

Therefore, we are traveling to Colombia next.

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