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                Tick, Tick, Tick … was the sound I heard every time when the seven letter word college popped up in my mind. It was as if I could imagine the constant ticking sound, right before the final BOOM went off to a bomb. Sadly, this was the terrifying sound that played in the back of my mind every time I even thought about the subject college. The matter of the subject college always gave me the feeling of uncertainty and doubt, but I never knew the reason. Why did I hold feelings of insecurity against something that I had not even experienced?

                It all started mid-year in the early morning of April of my junior year of high school. The skies were clear and there was a light breeze in the air as I boarded the bus. I immediately took a window seat and soon found myself sitting alone in a bus of thirty some students. I kept quiet to myself as I stared senselessly out the window. I suddenly found myself in a daze as I thought a few weeks back, all before the moment I boarded the bus.

                Before the day of the trip, my counselor had been going on effortlessly about the subject of college and scholarships. I sat in her office trying to take in every last detail. I felt like a zombie feeding off the information mindlessly as if it was meaningless. It actually was all very insightful but it just did not seem to click in my mind. But as I started to ease down and open up about the subject, things started fitting together like a puzzle. Gradually she started answering my questions and suggested I might want to start visiting colleges. This was one suggestion that was indubitably awe-inspiring. About a week later, I took her advice and signed up for a college visit to UC Davis.

                The next thing I knew the bus came to a complete stop and one by one each student exited the bus. Shortly we were greeted by a young lady with an optimistic attitude and a chipper voice. She informed us that she was going to be our tour guide and even mentioned that she currently is a student at Davis. Her peppy voice seemed to draw me closer with interest. As the tour neared an end, I could not believe the time had passed at an unprecedented pace.

                By the end of the tour I had gained a truly valuable experience. Some of the things I learned about Davis is that it definitely is an engaging school and composed of endless activities, from their hundreds of clubs to sports. Even to their exhibits, concerts, films, plays, and not to mention their special events which include their annual Picnic Day or even their Whole Earth Festival. Davis certainly offers countless opportunities.

                After my experience at Davis, I began considering college with a whole new perception and it was not as horrific as it once was before. I actually began taking time to think about the whole subject of college and even began researching various colleges. The once terrifying ticking sound now became a sound of new insight as it turned into a sound not of a bomb but a countdown to my next college visit.


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