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“Are we there yet?” asked my friend Cindy, still groggy from waking up. How she slept through most of the plane ride I have no idea. I was awake for the entire plane ride. The moment I stepped inside LAX I knew there would be no sleep. This was going to be my first airplane ride, EVER, and I had to witness everything. From the turbulence to the people farting and saying it was the seat.
“Were almost there.” I replied. I looked out the window to see the sun just peeking through, the pink tinting the skies.
“Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be arriving at Washington D.C. in just a few short moments. Please fasten your seatbelts. Thank you.” said the voice from the speakers. Yes, I thought.
As we boarded off the plane I heard my class mates grumbling and groaning. From the looks of it, most of them hadn’t slept either.
“I want to go home!” moaned one of my roommates, Kiki. I looked at her weirdly. We just got off the plane and she wanted to go home! Yet, I couldn’t blame her; the plane ride had been pretty awful.
“Alright you whiners, let’s get up and moving!” yelled our main escort, Mr. U. It was a school trip, and some of our teachers were with us. USA Educational Adventures sponsored the trip. It really was a great way to start my summer before I had to move, yet again. Anyways, back to the story.
 At first everyone was attentive. We were excited to start out the day in a new environment. As soon as we exited the airport though, I could feel the air on my skin. It was so, humid. And everything was green and alive! I didn’t realize what a real tree looked like until I saw the ones at Washington D.C. Throughout the day our energy was waning. I was a zombie for a good half of the evening. After a tiresome day, we all went to bed exhausted because Mr. U made us use the stairs to get to our rooms.
The next two days passed with ease. Everyone was enjoying themselves and having a great time. On our last day at the Marriott Hotel we all eagerly made our way to the bus because we knew the next hotel we were going to stay at had a water park inside! The bus ride was long but I didn’t mind. Mr. U had put on one of my favorite movies, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We arrived at Williamsburg, Virginia excited. Seeing people dress, cook, walk and, talk like they were still living in the 1600’s was exhilarating. There was even a place where your head and hands are trapped between two pieces of wood. (“Pillory”). On our last remaining full day, we went to Busch Gardens. We spent the day running all over the theme park trying to get on as many rides as possible. (In which, we succeeded)  As, the week ended and we packed all of our paraphernalia we said our final goodbyes to this beautiful green place.
As I walked to hug my mom, she asked if I enjoyed the trip.
“It was more than I could’ve imagined.” I replied gratefully. As I said my final goodbyes to my friends and teachers I felt happy. If this was the beginning of my summer, then who knows what else could happen along the way? All I knew for sure was that this was the start of a great beginning.

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