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            One of my life goals is to travel the world. Spain, Italy, Great Britain. You name it, I’ll go.  I haven’t even been out of the country yet and I’m already seventeen. However, this summer I got the chance to travel across the US and back!

            In late April, my cousin Hannah and I were talking about how great it would be if we could see each other this summer. As she lives in Phoenix, Arizona and I in Pulaski, Virginia, being together doesn’t happen frequently. Yet, our dream became a reality and my mother said I could travel to Phoenix.

            Friday, May 29th was D-Day. Upon arrival, it was a whole other world in Phoenix than Virginia. Desert and unattractive brownness were everywhere (thankfully, my family lived in a beautifully-kept neighborhood). As we drove to their house, I marveled at the busy city, people, and luxurious cars. At my aunt and uncle’s house (Tia Pili and Tio Chad), I unpacked and recounted life with my favorite cousin and person, Hannah. My other cousins that were there were Dominic (23 years old), Candace (21), Hannah (18) and Samuel (10).

            The day after I got there, Hannah threw a “School’s over!” party and invited her youth group. Her party was one of the best experiences I had in Arizona. Chock full of ping pong, karaoke, Costco pizza, throwing kids in the pool, and of course, the epic game of Capture the Flag in the greenway, that party rocked.

            Arizona was all about having the best time of my life, but I had to do something I wished I didn’t have to- take the SATs. The night before the SAT test, Hannah and I were at a youth Bible Study, until at ten o’clock I exclaimed, “Oh my gosh the SAT’s tomorrow!” We were out of the house before she could say let’s go.

            While in Arizona, I wanted to experience everything I could. Some of the best things I did were volunteer at Hannah’s church’s VBS, eat at Essence Bakery (French and fabulous), shop at Whole Foods (I ate a cannoli for the first time!), go to World Market, kayak, eat at Paradise Bakery, hanging out in/by the pool, and honestly just spending time with my family. My time in Arizona was a blast.

            Sadly, my trip in Arizona had to end, but that didn’t mean going home. My uncle’s brother was getting married in Baltimore, MD on June 26th. Following the wedding, we stayed in the newlyweds’ house in Washington, D.C. while they went on their honeymoon. Their house was beautiful! Only, it had a problem in the basement where Hannah and I were sleeping… Hannah and I had many late-night conversations there until one night at around three while we were whispering, I felt something on my arm. I whimpered and shoved it off my arm which placed it (conveniently) on the bed. I yelled at Hannah to get up and we turned on the light. Running on the bed was a humongous centipede. We killed it and were about to get in bed when Hannah looked on the walls and saw three more. I believe we killed eight centipedes and saw twelve while we were there. Oh, and we moved upstairs that night.

            My 2010 summer has been amazing. I went to Phoenix, Baltimore, D.C., my family reunion at Virginia Beach, and then volunteered at a camp in Buckingham County, VA. I currently have one more week left before school starts… and it’s not going to waste. Camp, here I come!

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