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Road trips can be fun but lets be real after a while sitting cooped up in car for more than a few hours they tend to get on people’s nerves. Don’t get me wrong I love spending time with my family and going to places, but once you have visited Yellow Stone National Park 3 years in a row every summer the last thing you want is to visit it again. The one thing that actually made this trip worth going on was the close encounters.


            The story begins when some of my family decides to visit us from Thailand. Seeing the family just made my summer and when my parents said the words we were going to visit Yellow Stone just managed to drain the enthusiasm.

            The first day we went and saw the geysers, and the part of the Park were the trees were burned down due to the fire that happened years ago. We managed to see some animals before the sun had set. When we were coming back there was nothing but stars and the shadows of the trees, and the headlights the car was giving off. Then out of no were my dad slammed on the breaks, practically causing everyone and everything to go forward. When we looked up there was a coyote right in front of the car looking right at us. Holy Crap! Talk about stunning, I mean we couldn’t believe it, at 9 o’ clock at night we were face to face with a coyote. It finally managed to move out of the way, and into the shadows of the trees. The second day, talk about close encounters.

            The second day of this fanatic road trip my family decides to go and see the grassy, quite areas of Yellow Stone. The area was covered with buffalo, big ones, small ones, babies, oldies, hairy, hairless, talk about a major family reunion. All I could do was just stare and have my life flash before my eyes.

            Don’t get me wrong I like wild animals just not when they are in front of my car or me personally. I know that a buffalo is just an over grown cow, but still when it can charge at you going 35 miles an hour and weighing over 2 tons it’s a bit of a scary thought, when you’re surrounded by them in a field. After that came all the close encounters.

            Right as we decided to leave, so did the herd of buffalo. Again BREAK! Seriously I was getting really tired of having by body be lunged forward. The person who was driving kept putting on sudden, sharp breaks that made the seat belt rub against me like a match stick and sandpaper.

            Right as we were coming down some hill the car behind us decided to stop in the middle of the road. The driver at the time also stopped. We looked back to see what it was that made everyone stop and look. It was a family of bears -brown bears to be exact- a mother and two cubs. They were the icing on this crazy and animal filled road trip. Who knew a road trip could actually be really fun.

            Towards the beginning I thought “great, road trip to Yellow Stone. I bet I will see the same things and nothing will change.” It was the best trip that I have ever been on, seeing animals and close encounters with things that could eat me or kill me.


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