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In a small, locally run taco shack in the middle of rural Mexico, I found myself eating a mysterious taco off an Arthur plate.  That’s right, the 90’s animated kid show Arthur. It was then that I realized this would be more than a vacation, it would be a bizarre adventure.

     My Dad, Mom, Aunt and I decided during spring break last year to visit my other Aunt at her summer house on Lake Bacalar in Mexico.  During the second day of our vacation, we were traveling in a truck from Xcalak to Mahawal this truck was a complete disaster.  No joke.  The gas gage was broken so we couldn’t tell if we were low on gas or not.  Unfortunately, we did run out of gas.  With our luck, it wasn’t in a nice resort area, that would be too easy.  Instead, we ran out of gas IN THE MIDDLE OF RURAL MEXICO!!  Panicked, we didn’t know what to do so we quick pulled into a run down shack and asked where the nearest gas station was.  A couple of men there informed us that the nearest gas station was half and hour away.  Yes, half an hour away with pretty much no gas=impossible.  Luckily, our hero appeared at that very moment and his name was Victor.

     Victor proceeded to tell us that he had gas at his house and that he could take us there.  We cheered and told Victor to hop in back of the truck.  We figured Victor’s house was probably only a couple miles away since he knew the car would run out of gas at any moment.  Nope, he instead took us on a wild goose chase.  After driving for what seemed like forever through a Mexican jungle, we came upon Victor’s house. You’re probably thinking oh, a normal house.  Nope. Victor’s “house” was a construction site in the middle of a jungle.  No exaggeration.  As we pulled up, Victor hopped out of the truck and said, “I will go and get the diesel!”  We watched Victor with shock as he ran into the jungle.  While Victor was getting the diesel we thought to ourselves, he could possibly come back with twelve other guys carrying huge guns!  Thankfully that second, Victor appeared through the trees gun-less and instead carrying a huge barrel of diesel on his back.  We applaud.  Victor then continued to siphon the diesel with his own mouth.  Crazy, I know.

     Throughout this whole experience I had never laughed so hard.  My family and I tried to take pictures of Victor without it being creepy (that was a mission).  Also, I took pictures of me posing by a Bobcat in the middle of a Mexican Jungle, A.K.A Victor’s house.  After the photo session, Victor declared in his best English, “The tank is full!” We cheered and thanked Victor a thousand times.  After the big adventure, we took Victor back to the shack and one of my Aunts decided to thank Victor by giving him a huge kiss on the cheek. A HUGE one.  We all laughed as Victor’s cheeks turned red as he ran away embarrassed.  All of his friends laughed as we drove the newly full truck away.

     As I sat in the truck, a huge smile appeared across my face because I knew this story was one I would never forget.  I learned that no matter how sketchy a person or his house seems, never judge.  That sketchy person could end up saving you from being stranded in the middle of a jungle in Mexico.

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