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Erika Espinal
                                                                        Traveling on my own
How many of you are terrified of being on planes or even hate the idea of getting close to one? Well what If I was to tell you I wasn’t what if I told you that I was actually in love with the idea of being 30,000 feet to 40,000 feet high in the air. I know this sounds crazy, but it’s just something that’s a part of me, it’s something I really enjoy. Flying on an airplane is really a great experience, for the reasons that you get to view the whole world around you that was once a giant society, turn into a tiny little speck. It’s just one of the things you shouldn’t miss out on in life; So next time you hop on that plane, make sure your sitting next to that window, because I guarantee you it would leave you breathless. Just as I was when I was on my way to one of the world’s most visited states in America. The place where the air is always hot or either extremely warm, the place where a cloud in the sky seizes to exist. Yes my friends if you guessed Florida, then your completely right. Florida is where it all starts. In case you’re wondering why Florida, well the answer to that would be for three specific reasons. One because I’m visiting my father, two is because I’m visiting colleges, and three because this is where I want to spend the rest of my life.
Traveling this far from Rhode Island to Florida on my own wasn’t so easy because I was so scared of making a mistake or taking the wrong flight. I felt alone, as if I needed someone to guide me. But as I was heading towards my gate, I turned out to be just fine because I realized taking a plane isn’t so hard as long as you look at your ticket and know where you going. The only thing that really seemed to bother me throughout the whole flight was how nervous I was. I was so nervous because I haven’t seen my father ever since I was eleven making that to a total of 6 years. It wasn’t until the third day that I actually felt comfortable around him. He was great, he treated me the same, with lots of respect and love. He still calls me his little princess, and he still tells me he wants nothing but the best for me. The whole month I’ve stayed with him was great, I honestly feel at home almost as if I belong here. Ever since I’ve told him that, he’s been showing me high schools because he wants me to stay since I’m coming for college anyways. He actually ended up taking me to an A+ school here called Taravella high school so that I could end my senior year here. Although it was a really hard decision to make to either finish here or back in Rhode Island. I ended up making my decision, and it was too stay here and finish my senior year because I figured staying here would give me more opportunities than the ones I had back in Providence Rhode Island. Although I haven’t started school yet until August 23, 2010, I still have more adventures to come. Because my father’s taking me to a safari with the lions, including the Miami sea aquarium and much more. As you can see, I am now starting a new life with my dad and I think nothing but the best will come to me this year and the following next ones.
In case you haven’t noticed Florida is surrounded mostly by water. It’s the place where millions of sea creatures live. Which is why I chose this state to attend my future college where I would major in marine biology, & zoology. Visiting colleges here would be perfect for my vacation because I would keep my options open to the ones I would be more interested in. Coming here for vacation would give me more available opportunities to volunteer or visit the aquariums anytime I wanted. But visiting aquariums and volunteering did not happen in the beginning of my vacation, because I began to research with my father colleges and universities that were right for me. I now have as my options, Florida International University, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Barry University, and Florida Atlantic University. But because my father seems to be working a lot this summer, he told me we would visit colleges two weeks before school starts. Which isn’t so bad, because I’m rather patient. But as you can see, college is important to me, it’s the place where I grow up to be a mature young adult, where my dreams will expand to long distances without stopping.
The reason why I say I want to spend the rest of my life here is because if you take a vacation here just for a week. I doubt you will ever want to leave this beautiful state anytime soon. This is the sunshine state, where everyone is nothing but the sweetest to you, people are always friendly, and the beaches are just fascinating to look at not to mention the houses and the communities. Every day is a day to look forward too, there is always something to do, something to keep you busy. But if you were in Rhode Island you wouldn’t much enjoy the site as you would in Florida. Rhode Island isn’t very beautiful, it’s a community filled with people that know each other because the state is so small. The weather isn’t the very best, unless its summer. The beaches are cold, and the people aren’t very friendly. The schools also give you fewer options, unlike the schools in Florida where the schools offer a variety of classes, and extra classes you would want to take like marine science, business, and web design, fashion design, and more.
                So go out this summer, and do something you weren’t capable of doing before and do it now. Because life is about challenging yourself experiencing new things, and change, just like I did this summer, I took a chance and made a sacrifice to give up seeing my family every day. For something much more, because my family and friends are always going to be there for me to support me, their okay with the decisions I make because they know it’s for the better, and they want nothing but the best for me. I know that taking a chance or giving up something you really love is hard, but sometimes you learn from yourself that it’s for the best and you do want the best for you, right? Now that you know my reasons for coming to Florida, ask yourself why wouldn’t you want to live here? Wouldn’t you want a better future for you, or anyone else? Now it’s just up to you to decide if you’re going to take a chance on life, like I have on my vacation to Florida.

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