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            It all started with an early morning wake up call, at about 4:10 AM to be exact.  Our flight would depart from Grand Rapids at about 7 AM.  The hour long drive to the airport was well worth the experiences I was going to have on this incredible trip.  This was my spring break 2011 and as a senior in high school I needed to do something incredible, I needed to go somewhere unique, I needed to meet new people and see new culture.  This is why I took a cruise down to Mexico and the Cayman Islands with my family and friends.

            The ship was multiple stories high and incredibly long.  This Carnival cruise ship, the Inspiration, would take us to our multiple destinations.  After disembarking from Tampa, we set off into the Gulf of Mexico.  The sky was a bright beautiful blue, which it remained for all 5 of our cruise days.  The water was just as incredible.  It never seemed to end. 

            The first day was just a day at sea, for the crew of the ship it was no big deal, but for me and everyone else, it was spectacular.  Me and my friends, Scott, Anthony, Matt, and Mikey, ventured all over the ship.  We discovered various arcades, restaurants, and even a casino!  The ship was vast and full of people.  However, we spent most of our time on the top deck, observing the beautiful sky.  Each night, our group would gather around a large round table, the same round table each night in the same restaurant, and eat a meal.  During this, we would share stories about what happened to us during the day.

            On the second day we landed in Grand Cayman.  Words cannot describe how beautiful this place was.  The water wasn’t spoiled by any pollution.  It looked like it was straight out of a postcard, flawless.  The people were nice of course too, this place was paradise.  We ventured to a beach and soaked up the rays of the sun, which seemed much more intense, then that of up north.  We rented water equipment and stayed outside all day until we all had a little sun burn to show off.  Before we even knew it, our day rapidly came to a close.

            The third day was just another adventure at sea.  This day consisted of exploring the ship and playing ping pong.  Tomorrow we will land in Mexico.  We have all been looking forward to what tomorrow will bring, what paradise we will see!

            On the fourth day we landed in Mexico, the most beautiful place I have seen yet.  Mexico is characterized by green palm trees, beautiful beaches, and incredible tourist attractions.  The water was incredibly warm and we snorkeled in it.  The waters were full of exotic fish I had never even seen before!  Multiple times I got to touch them.  The ocean floor consisted of coral and multiple schools of fish.  Everywhere I turned there was new stuff to look at; I took countless mental pictures with my brain.

            I will never forget this trip, the experiences I had and the sights I saw.  This trip made me realize how beautiful the world is, even though I do not get to see it everyday, it’s out there, waiting.  I am one incredibly lucky person to even have gone on this trip.  The experiences I had were ones I’ll never forget.  I hope the future has more of these trips in store for me.


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