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Disneyland Los Angeles California
Disneyland Los Angeles California

     Just landing at the Long Beach Airport, my cousin woke me up announcing "We're here, this didn't take as long as i thought it would; so, Greg how did you like your first plane ride?" I exclaimed "It's more to it." Not to mention we brought along my older cousin, her brother, his mother,  my little sister,  and my mother. Honestly i must say their was a variety of us. Leaving the airport from a 1 hour and 30 minute ride I was exhausted, as I stepped out in front of the airport reading a large sign "Long Beach Airport." I was enthusiastically ready to discover a unfamiliar city. Standing tall across the street, skinny as a limb, behind a turquoise Honda truck, was my 24 year old cousin. She leaned in her car carefully honking to get our attention, and we all glimpsed cautiously. 

     Accompanied with 7 people in a truck, I felt like a pack of smelly sardines. Talking in the car on our way to my cousin's house, we fell off track. We went on a stunting trip to the unincorporated beachfront community northwest of Huntington Beach, called "Sunset Beach." I was alarmed by how absolutely brilliant the beach was. It was as far out as the horizon. The sand was dingy and warm. I was so excited I didn't know how to react, so I chased the waves as they hit the shore. It was like many people of my surroundings we're use to this nice beach stuff. With a various of performances on the beach, I didn't know which one to react to. A large crowd of about 100 people sprang up to exploit a unusual African American man standing on one foot, dyed in a army green color, with six large pythons crawling around his arms, legs and neck. This appealing beach was the best I've ever seen in life.

    Sunset Beach features one of the widest beaches in southern California. Running parallel to the beach, from the north of town to the southern edge is the Green Belt, a bucolic 14 acre park on which residents walk their dogs and celebrate Mother's Day with the historic Sunset Beach Art Festival, sponsored by Las Damas. Southeast of Sunset Beach is Bolsa Chica State Beach. To the east is the bay front community of Huntington Harbor, part of Huntington Beach, and roughly north is the Naval Weapons Seal State Beach, and the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge. The appearance was astonishing, which made me want to explore a lot more. 

    Nonetheless, choosing which part of the beach to explore was the hardest part. However, I lost my family when I went to buy a corn dog. We met back  up visiting, at the arresting of some teenagers for starting a bonfire on the beach. Ten minutes later we were back on the road, on our way to my cousin's house.  Itchy exiting the freeway, we we're home in no time. The next day, we we're getting ready for my cousin's graduation ceremony. As we parked in the parking lot of California State University of Long Beach, I was flabbergasted by how nice the campus was.  We walked toward a crowded grassy adorned field of thousands of people. Honoring their family's, friend's and siblings as they received their degrees. By passing 2 whole hours the graduation was over. We went to a fancy dinner  for her graduation, where we won a family pack of 12 ticket's to Disneyland Resort.

    After the luncheon, it was nearly 5 o'clock, we we're on our way to Disneyland really excited. Me and my younger cousin Justin chose to give away 5 extra ticket at the doors, when a elderly Latin man gave us 40 dollars for 2 ticket's for being polite. We used the money to buy food and play games. I aspired to be involved with my family as much as possible. We rode many amusing rides and had really fun. Leaving the resort at 9 o'clock I was really exhausted. I would never have expected from going to a lousy graduation to going to Disneyland & a really nice beach. The next morning we went to eat at Roscoe's chicken & waffle's where we met up with my uncle we haven't seen in 3 years.  I was looking forward to seeing him, we made up a lot of our lost times by long conversations and sharing pictures. 

    Fumbling over the rocky parking lot, we we're walking to the car to head to back to Long Beach Airport. We said our goodbye's to each other, exchanging hugs, kisses, and hand shakes. After me and my family headed to the boarding dock waving away to our cousin and long lost uncle most of us haven't seen in years. Within, 10 minutes we we're on the plane getting ready for take out. I still couldn't justify where my uncle have been for those 3 years after he left San Francisco. Still exhausted from a the day before, I kept waking up and falling asleep every 5 minutes trying to configure the next time I'll visit Long Beach, California. My mom leaned in turning off my television set on my headset and suddenly I fell sleep with a lot on my mind.  





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