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Every year in the beginning of August, My family and I take a vacation to Lake Nacimiento. We camp at a huge, beautiful campground which is right on the edge of the water called Sandy Point. It is filled with nature, life, and excitement. We camp with five other families every time we go and every one brings their motor homes and boats. All the other families we go with have insane boys that are about the same age as my sisters and I. Every year gets better because there are more exciting adventures and memories formed every time. 

There are so many amazing things to love at the lake. One of my favorite things to do at the lake is to go tubing with all the boys. Lake Nacimiento It is a rush of excitement while holding on for dear life, or as it seems anyways. Another one of my favorite things to do is to float on the tube in our little cove and get a nice tan. It is so relaxing just to feel the waves come by and feel the nice warm sun all over my body. Almost every time we go to the lake, we ride to the other end and go on this huge rope swing into the water. It is so much fun because the rope is so long which lets you go really high into the air.

There are many different things that I dislike at the lake. There are so many nasty bugs that fly and crawl around. It feels like they are everywhere and like the bugs are crawling all over your body. I especially hate the red ants in some parts of the camp ground. Every time the boys would push my sisters and I into the water we would get really mad. It is really annoying when you just get all nice and dry and then some boys come along and push you right back into the water. One really scary part was just knowing that there were tons of fish in the water. It made me scared to swim in it. 

Going to the lake every summer means a lot to me. It makes me a more social and outgoing person because I am constantly meeting new friends. I also get to spend a lot of quality time with my family that we do not usually get to. Considering the fact that I never see my dad because he is always gone at work makes it even better to spend time with him. Going to the lake every year teaches me how to be adventerous because i get to explore new things and learn about them every time I go. Being able to explore lets me conquer any fears that I may have at the time. 

My life would be very different without my family tradition because i would never know what it is like to experience the breathtaking moments. I love the lake and I love to be outdoors. It is so much fun to visit all my friends at the lake whenever I go because I usually only go once a year which is a long time not to see any friends. The food I eat at the lake is the best because it is all junk food and my parents do not even care that i eat it. My life would change dramatically if my family and I did not go to Lake Nacimiento every year. 

The lake will have a big impact on my future because it molds so much of my personality. From being around all my friends and all the families at the lake teaches me how to be polite to everyone. It teaches me how to have patience and how to be a better person. If I have kids when I am older I would take them there to show them how to have a good time. Without my life changing lessons and experiences from the lake I would not be the same person that I am today. 


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