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     Over the past few years, my family has been affected by the recession in nearly every aspect of our daily lives. As a result, we were desperate for a relaxing vacation that would fit into a budget. This led us to choose a road trip vacation from California to the serene and peaceful state of Wyoming. We chose to visit America’s first national park, Yellowstone, for a few days. As we busied ourselves playing games and viewing the crisp, rolling hills of mountains on our way to the national park, my sister and I became anxious to finally reach our destination. As a result of the tedious, winding roads and massive buffalo blocking the tiny, two lane roads, it took us several more hours to reach the campsite once we entered the park. Finally, after two days of driving, we reached the campsite and set up our tent and had a good night’s sleep under the beautiful, starry sky of Wyoming.

     The following morning, we awoke to a moose, carousing around our campsite, snacking on the grasses and wild flowers. My family and I then decided to drive around the park in order to see everything it had to offer. As we passed by the enormous Yellowstone Lake, which happens to be America's largest mountain lake, the pure, mirror-like water made me realize what a sacred, untouched part of the United States the national park was. Next, we reached the Old Faithful Innand enjoyed steaming hot chocolate while we waited for the perfectly timed geyser, Old Faithful, to erupt. Once it did, I was amazed at the towering, jet-like bursts of scalding water and steam that had burst as a result of built up pressure in underground channels. After staying for the entire eruption, we headed on to enjoy the fumaroles, holes in the ground that release steam into the air. The hissing fumaroles released hot steam upon our faces, providing temporary warmth from the chilly day. My sister and I remained huddled around the lucid, teal blue holes for as long as we could to keep warm. Similarly, we also saw Yellowstone's mud pots, accurately named for the boiling mud and ground waterthat have been pushed up from underground steam channels. However, these bubbling pots of mud were not as intriguing. We finished out our day with the breathtaking views of the Grand Canyonof Yellowstone, a massive waterfall that could be heard roaring from the minute we got close. The scenery of the awe-inspiring waterfall was the perfect way to end our eventful day. 

     Overall, my families' budgeted summer vacationwas one of the best we have ever had. It was an awesome way to explore the peaceful and undisturbed nature within America. It also allowed my family to enjoy each other’s company, without getting caught up in our typical, hectic ways of vacationing. Our vacation provided an unsurpassable experience that we will indubitably remember forever.  I often took for granted the beauty we have right here in our own country; until I visited Yellowstone National Park.

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