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Sydney, Australia
My family's first trip to Australia was in November 2010 and our first stop was in Sydney. We had met up with my cousin over there that was from Melbourne, OZ. It was pretty awkward at first because we haven't seen each other for years. So the first thing we did on this rainy day was walk around the city and explored different tourist shops. The Opera House was a unique place we tried to visit but ended up just taking pictures in front of it. The next day was me and my sister's birthday and so my cousin decided to bring all of us to the Tarongo Zoo which was so fun and hot! We saw lazy kangaroos, giant tigers, koalas, and weird monkeys and apes that do stuff when people aren't looking. The McDonald's was way different from the one in America and the other restaurants like Chat Thai offered excellent service.

Melbourne, Australia
The beaches, restaurants (Coco Lounge) and basically everything else were just exciting for me. Although sometimes my sister and I didn't want to try some new food because we had it in America, we ended up trying it and liking it. My cousin from Aussie had told us it didn't matter if we had it already, the whole idea was just to experience it and enjoy it with family. Malls in Australia look so Elizabethan and unique. They close at 5 pm and sometimes on big sales at 10pm. In Aussie they have state libraries which are way bigger than an American library. In November is the beginning of Australia's summer, and every Wednesday during the summer was a night market that had shops and lots of food from all cultures! In the wonderful city of Melbourne, a lot of alleys had amazing graffiti and art. The whole feel of Australia was chilled and joyous, a good atmosphere that all of us enjoyed. 

Skydeck and IMAX
The Skydeck in Melbourne was exciting! It was so high and everybody could see everything in the city. If you're looking for a place to get you hyped about OZ, the skydeck will definitely do that. On our visit, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows came out and we went to see it in their IMAX theatre which was such a great experience because it was my first time in IMAX. laugh

Not All as Expected
My siblings and I were having a great time with all of our older cousins but everything about the trip wasn't all smiles. There was a time when the older ones wanted to hangout, and my mom/aunt wanted to take us out to eat. We ended up denying it just because and it ended up upsetting my mom which disappointed my aunt. This was very dramatic and was getting blamed on us, the little ones. My mom and aunt just wanted to spend time with us in Australia because we hadn't had the chance to. This made all of us feel terrible inside and taught us life lessons. Some advice on a family trip or cultural destination is:

  1.  Always spend time with family no matter what because you might never get the chance to see or do it again.
  2. Traveling is fun but always remember it is about the EXPERIENCE and not about buying fancy things. 
  3. Make time for older relatives and younger relatives to have a good balance in the experience.
  4. Be respectful, and have a good time!

Yes, the overseas trip was pretty mind-blowing but having family time was the best time I had on the trip.



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