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Family is the most important aspect of my life. My family means the world to me, so it was fun to have a family trip for a baseball game. My brother plays baseball for a travel team and as a family we went to show support. It was a fun trip, not to mention a trip that one would never forget.    

The trip started on a Friday afternoon when we were packing for the road trip to Alabama. We live in Georgia so I really didn’t think we needed to spend the night at a hotel, but what do I know I am just a teenager. So we was packing making sure everything was in order for tomorrow because he had a game as well that morning when we got there. My thoughts were that his game was at 12 during the day but no it was at 8 in the morning.

The sun rises from its dull sleep and when the sun is waking up so are we. In my head I’m thinking I should stay home, but were family and if I had something important like that my brother would come. So we head out at 5 am to head to sweet home Alabama. The trip was the normal car ride in the morning. Everyone is snoring except for my dad because he has to drive. I notice that my knees are screaming at me for being bent for two hours. I try to call them down but they keep going. My youngest brother is in the middle of me and my other brother and he is slobbing all other is shirt. Dad makes a sharp turn and the youngest falls on me and next thing I know I have a big wet spot on my shoulder. Overall the drive there was pretty peaceful.

             Once we get there my brother jumps out the car and heads to the baseball field. They conquered their first team and won the game then later succeeded in conquering another. I wasn’t expecting it to be hot outside but when it hit 1 pm, the sun was smiling down on us and all the parents including mine were sweating bullets. When we got to the hotel that evening it was like air conditioning heaven. It was refreshing. We were exhausted after a day at the park so we ate and took showers and after that we was out like a light.

            The next day my siblings and I woke up early so that we could have breakfast. While heading towards the breakfast bar, we see an adult; maybe 19 to 20 years old sleep in a corner on the floor. It looked like he was on the hotel computer and he got tired and said “ hey I am just go to sleep right here”. I was amazed because everyone was just walking around like nobody’s there. During breakfast my brother spots a car ( I don’t really know what kind of car) and his eyes light up.  We check out the of the hotel and head for the park. My brother’s team ends up winning the whole tournament. We head back home that night and man was it a smelly ride home. Both my brothers smell like they were rolling in dirt and sweat and other outside items.

            In conclusion the trip was a fun family road trip. It was exciting and it mad my family and me come together more as a family. I would love to do it again and I believe that we are later on during the summer to Tennessee. 

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