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In the summer of 2009, my family took a trip to Universal Studios Orlando Resort. The trip was long but worth it. We got snacks from the grocery store and place all of our things in the hotel room then we head for our adventure. There was something exciting in the air.

As we walked through the Universal City walk we decided to head to the Island of Adventures first. Probably one of the coolest things there was the fact that we saw part of Hogwarts Castle being constructed. My brother was going to go on the Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster but chose not to on the basis of “mind your own business”. So we all went on The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man instead. I was pretty fun, probably one of my favorite rides there.

As my family and I explored the rest of the Island of Adventures we walked into the land of dinosaurs called Jurassic Park. This is the place where dinosaurs roam free, and home of three rides that most people would find to be pretty awesome. I however am pretty much a chicken when it comes to rides; it takes a lot to get me on one. But somehow my brother convinced me to go on River Adventures. Known to me there was a pretty big drop at the end of the ride. Throughout it I had to remind myself that all of these things are animatronics, I remembered going to Sally Corporation to look at how these were made. However nothing helped my anxiety. I felt my heart race as we went from side to side and I began to feel a bit nauseous. Then I saw it. As big as I though the real life version would be, the Tyrannosaurus Rex roared at us as I felt a scream coming out of my throat. I couldn’t help but be terrified; we dived into what I thought at the time to be certain death but then as I felt the cold water coming down on me I realized it was over. I had survived, barely but I did.

About an hour later we went to the second park called Universal Studios Florida. Here we spend most of our time in lines. We went on Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon blast, and the Simpsons ride. Both were pretty fun. My brother and I had a competition to see who could be the highest score in MIB Alien Attack; I won but over 100,000 points. This is about the only time I’ve beaten him in a game so I was extremely happy about that. Then we thought it would be fun to see what Disaster! SM was. However we didn’t anticipate that so many people would also have the same curiosity. It seemed as if all the patrons of Universal had decided to go on this ride at the same time. I think it was close to an hour and a half before we got to go indoors. The show/ride was amazing; if I had the opportunity to go on this again I would. It’s extremely difficult to describe the ride in itself; I guess it’s just one of those things you have to see for yourself.

Overall the day was pretty awesome. At the end of the day we ate at a kosher restaurant before crashing on our beds. We would leave the next day; it was a melancholy moment but I will go again so it’s not so bad. 

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