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My senior year was one crazy stage in my life. I had to apply for college, do scholarships, manage my life and recover from getting hit by a car and tearing 3 ligaments in my ankle. One could say it could just suck the life out of you. I had sunk into a depressing routine of all work no play and had suffered from 2 major injuries, getting hit by a car in early fall of 2010 and tearing 3 ligaments during my second semester of 2011 senior year. I had such a hard time as well as a full work load, depression and loneliness had sunk in.

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An acquaintance that had once been a close friend of mine in middle school, to remain nameless and regards as this friend who is a girl, got to talking to me and we randomly out of the blue decided to take a road trip down to Southern California. We left the first week of our summer vacation only days after graduating and spent 5 days camping neat Huntington Beach. We drive down in one day, a whopping 8 hour drive, distracted by the beautiful scenery of mountains, countryside and shorelines. We also had the chance to catch up with each others lives. We discussed almost everything that we had been doing the last four years in high school.

When we arrived we went beach hopping for the entire week. We went to Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Seal Beach, Laguna Beach, and Newport Beach. Visiting so many beaches was a lot of fun it was the relaxation that my summer needed after graduating from high school. We camped every night and slowly rekindled a friendship that had been long lost yet had been waiting to be revived. Slowly I felt the depression of a hard year melt away as I spent more and more time with this girl. Relaxing on the beach, tanning, swimming, making sand castles, walking and just spending quality time with another human I care about.

Having to cook our own meals with a camping stove and propane was such a bonding experience. Making food instead of buying fast food or restaurant meals made me appreciate them so much more. Having practice from being an Eagle scout and going on many camping outing with the boy scouts helped out so much, and made everything food and cooking related so much more easy. The thing was as I rekindled this connection with this girl I found myself hunger-less from the emotions that she evoked from me. I felt like my past year and all of its hardships and trauma were just wiped away from just connecting with a person I could care about. I felt like a new beginning for my life at college at UC Berkeley was now a real possibility not just a hope that I would most likely forget about. I and this girl will both be attending UC Berkeley in the fall and hope to stay together for as long as the journey we are on stays on the same pathway.

It’s amazing how being spontaneous and changing your normal daily routine can has such a massive effect on one’s life. I went from suffering from physical injuries and mental depression to complete tranquil mental relaxation and emotional stability that could have never taken place without a little random decision making. I feel like getting away with a person that you can connect with and changing what you normally do can change your life your mood and the way you think about life.

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2 Replies to “Reconnecting With A Friend”

  • FTFstaff

    2his was a fun creative way to express  the felling i have been having all year and to inform people that even if you suffer from depprssion there is always a way to be happy. Just try somthing new and change your life to make it awsome.

    best regards,

    Chris Bennett 

  • chris.benett

    having a cha ge of senery and doing new things is a great way to change your life in a possitive way. Haveing the same rutine and not getting oout being random is ok but its better to change up your life and experience new pleasures.

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