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Scampering through the vast plantation, the toes of a young girl embraces the warmth of the earth underneath. The mass of trees encircling her, surrounding her with the sweet scents of the flourishing fruits. As the plants are soaking in the balminess of the nutritious sun rays, the vulnerable girl uses the straw hat to shield her face. As she closes her eyes, the humid summer breeze blows through her delicate hat. Whoosh, the wind whispers to her, revealing the beauties of nature. As the innocent child gradually opens her eyes, a world full of wonders unfolds before her.

The planet that we all inhabit is a place filled with wonders and beautiful sights. However, we live in a fast pace life influenced by so much technology that at times, we tend to forget about the true beauties of nature. Years have passed since I last closed my eyes and let nature speak to me. I still recall my experience with nature in the beautiful country of Vietnam.

It meant a great deal to be in the homeland of my elders and parents; to learn about where I came from. Since I am the first generation to be born and raised in America, learning about the elders’ way of life was a delightful experience. Before my vacation to Vietnam, I had not noticed how luxurious my life truly was. During the time of my vacation in Vietnam, we did not have any computers or cell phones. When we wanted to make a call back to America, we had to buy a phone card that only gave us a certain amount of time to talk and use the one landline that the entire family shared. The food that we ate was home grown and freshly picked each day. At night, we had to set a net over our beds in order to keep the mosquitos from gnawing at us while we slept. Life in America is completely different compared to that in Vietnam; nevertheless, they are both great countries, and both provide enriching experiences.

Through that remarkable experience, I had learned many things and I have taken many of those lessons along with me in life. I have come to appreciate my possessions and the life that my parents have provided for me. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have the technology that I have. Many families do not even have enough money to buy clothes for their children or even food for the family. Since my travels to Vietnam, I am grateful for the life that I have, the things that I possess. Furthermore, I am educated on my family history, my culture, and also, myself. In my day to day life, I don’t always appreciate the things that I have, but when I take a step back and observe, I have countless things to be thankful for. Once in a blue moon, step away from the everyday life, and you will witness the true beauty of the majestic world we live in; you will truly appreciate the wonders that this world provides each and every single day.

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