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During the first two weeks of our visit to China we had a tour with a lot of people who came to see China as their vacation as well. Some of the people on it were nice and others were very obnoxious and didn’t care about the people around them. We started from the top of China and made our way down bit by bit and we slept inside of hotels each night with our luggage. The places we visited were very historic, like the Forbidden City which was pretty large. We took a lot of boat rides around old villages and Hong Kong. When we were in Shanghai it was starting to modernize very fast. We also went to an expo which was about how each country could make the planet more environmentally safe and each country got a building to display what they were doing for the world. Unfortunately there was a typhoon that day so we decided not to spend much time over there. The streets were flooded instantly and I really wanted to go see what Japan was going to offer to the world but it was a five hour wait. When we got to the Great Wall it was amazing, the structure was really huge and the towers reached almost the clouds. There was a lot of walking required for this tour and most of the explanations were in Mandarin so I couldn’t understand what the tour guide was saying. It didn’t seem like anything interesting since no one really paid attention to her much. Everyone on the tour just wanted to enjoy the views with as little explanations as possible during the sights. The food we ate during the tour was technically Chinese food but it was the usual stuff we all ate in America and it was the same thing during lunch and dinner. For breakfast we ate at the all you can eat breakfast at the hotels which always had a variety of things to eat. It was an interesting experience and the capital Beijing was a very nice and traditional place in China. We also had foot rubs in China that were done by beautiful women who really knew what they were doing with their hands. China also has some very unique medicines to help people with their illnesses and to improve their health so that they could live longer.

During the third week we spent some time with my parents’ friends and family members which was a nice experience. We ate near some water which meant fresh fish and seafood which was really delicious. I played with kids about my age online or we played badminton. I wanted to play tennis since it was my specialty but I played a bit of badminton in high school so it was fun. I showed off a few moves I made in America and they were surprised by my play. We played at a school gym which was fun, and this one guy I was playing with was probably close to being number one at his school because I could barely keep up at his speed and his strategies were great to use. It showed me that China is probably more physically fit than America and that they practice hard and they are determined to win while having a lot of fun as well. Overall the trip was an interesting one with me gaining new knowledge of my culture and my relatives. Also knew techniques and strategies I could use against badminton players at my school if I get the chance to play them.

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