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For as long as I can remember, the house on Kentucky Lake has always been my family’s second home.  It’s not on the actual lake, but on a little side river called Jonathan Creek.   My entire family, from my grandparents to my youngest cousin, goes for an entire week.  Activities range from golfing to swimming to fishing to just lazing around.  We all eagerly look forward to our week down there and are always reluctant to leave.  My favorite place, though, is the dock down by the lake.

It’s not an especially large dock, but it is large enough.  We usually have two boats down at the dock, Naromika II and the fishing boat.  There is a white cabinet on one side where the many colorful flotation devices and the fishing equipment are stored.   On one end of the dock there is a ladder attached, making it easier to climb out of the water.

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I love this dock because my fondest memories take place there.  I can clearly remember the multitude of adventures I’ve had at just the dock.  A year or two back I dropped my flip flop into the water and had to jump in with all my clothes on to retrieve it.  I also remember impatiently waiting for my grandparents to arrive so they would put the ladder in the water for us to go swimming.

I’ve spent hours swimming down there, and I have the sunburns to prove it.  The water never mixes very well, so there are warm spots and cold spots toward the surface.  At the bottom of the lake is cool mud, with the occasional stick or rock.  My cousin, Ian, adores diving to the bottom of the lake and threatening the little girls with the mud.  We can easily go swimming at the dock two or three times a day, only coming out for food. 

Fishing is also an ongoing activity at the dock.  Early in the morning the guys go out, and by the time I wander down there at around nine they have already caught a few fish.   Just this year, my cousin Ian proudly proclaimed to me that he had caught twenty fish in one day.  He later admitted that they were pretty small, but I could still see the smile on his face when he reeled another one in.  While Ian generally sticks to bluegill, my dad goes for catfish.  It’s always another adventure when he starts to reel one in.  It’s like watching a battle, my dad against the fish.  The flash of grey or blue as the fish hits the surface is always really exciting for everyone. 

Still, my favorite thing to do on the dock is watch the sun set.  The light reflects off the water, turning areas from blue to brilliant orange.  The sky is a gorgeous painting of colors.  The hints of red mix in with the orange, with flashes of yellows streaked across the sky.  As the night grows nearer, bits of purple dance with the now subtle orange hues.  It is almost as if the night has come to quietly embrace the sun.  It is quiet at the dock.  The only sounds being the lapping of water and the occasional boat.  It is a quiet beauty, shared with family.

The dock on Kentucky Lake is a place of adventure.  It is a place of quiet solitude, and it is a place of love.  I can truly feel peace and find myself there.  It is fun and beauty all wrapped up in one place.

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