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I've been on numerous trips in my life; some were extraordinary and others were monotonous to say the least. But no trip has ever been as fascinating as the one I've been through in my own mind. Dreams can sometimes stimulate fear or sporadically arouse happiness and pleasure. One thing that a dream will always provide is a journey that is unforgettable. Few of the trips I've been on in life can compare to the irresistible hysteria that is contained within a dream. 

â–º  Quarter Finalist 2011 Teen Travel Writing Scholarship

The most intriguing yet frightening expedition that I've been on in the past five years was the dream of the dark world and its manipulation. But through all of the world's flaws, beauty was the only thing that could be seen. In this dream was depicted the life of a girl who lived in an enchanted forest. Although, this forest was demonic and dark natured; it had the intent on enforcing suffering and pain upon the people who lived within it. This girl, who remains un-named, had to make a choice within this forest. This choice became more and more difficult as time went on.

Walking through the trees, she saw a deer prancing to its death. She feared death just as much as she feared life itself. Death would bring the unknown, which all of humanity has been frightened by throughout time. Life, on the other hand, would bring pain and complications that would thwart her true happiness. She was completely alone entering this world and she would leave in the same way, no matter how many people cared for her. This harsh reality made this forest all the more beautiful and mysterious. Its cruelness and gloomy state provoked a sort of excitement and connection to the thought that life might not be so tragic after all. This was not how the people within this forest viewed existence though. She asked herself: How could something so pure leave people feeling so tainted by the pain they face? Soon on this journey through life, she would have to make a choice. A choice between continuing a life stained with morbid suffering and eternal loneliness or ending it altogether. One would make her stronger and knowledgeable to help later generations. The other would result in the loss of a great mind and a voice that will never be heard again. She could never decide what she was more apprehensive about though. Was it life or death? The certain or the unknown? Or was it both?

This dream was a clear picture of the world today. It embodied the complications of life and the decisions we all could face one day. Some people face thoughts that the girl in my dream contemplated with. And some people have made the decision to end everything just to ease the pain. Others have decided to continue or endure all of the emotions that life would throw at them. Who's to say what the smarter decision is to make between the two. Some are strong because they do not fear life after death, if there even is an eternity. And others are strong because they do not fear life itself and its cruelness. This haunting dream that I envisioned has taught me more about myself than any trip from home could ever do.  I could have never been on a more informing journey. This definitely wouldn't qualify as a typical trip that may have been described in an essay previously sent to whom it may concern, but this journey has been one of great intuition and an accurate picture of the cold world we all must face one day.


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  • paige3347

    This essay is about a different type of trip. One that is not concrete and cannot be re-visited. It can only be imagined in ones thoughts and its meaning can be depicted and elaborated upon. This trip is described in a way that's meant to inspire and arouse deep thinking about life and the world that surrounds it.

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