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Five AM

                With a loud annoying buzzing coming from somewhere from the left I sit up, trying my hardest not to wake the other girl in the room with me, I tiptoe myself to the bathroom. On my journey though the dark I notice that the others are not awake, the ones who promised to have breakfast ready at that very moment. After my exit I still don’t see the rest of the party, so I go to wake the boys. Finally I get the two to wake up, also mentioning that there is nothing to eat. They are up in a flash, knowing that we wanted to set out early on our long drive ahead of us to Sandusky, Ohio; the home of Cedar Point- The roller coaster capital of the world! Cooler and bags packed, everyone dressed, and breakfast being served we are right on time. After our meal the four of us pile into the Saturn Vue.


Six Thirty AM

                We sit in a gas station, now equipped with energy drinks and gum, and program the destination. The little black box announces that we must take a left to the I-75 exit. We follow directions now knowing that our adventure has begun. In three hours we would be enjoying the day riding rides, laughing and making summer memories.


Ten AM

                Paying for parking and being led to our parking spot we get a spot near the main entrance. We grab our bags and pre-purchased tickets, heading towards the main gate. Tickets scanned we had no problems and that would hopefully describe the rest of the day.

                Our plan: head to the back of the park to hit the rides before the lines got too long and unbearable in the ninety eight degree weather. First, the Millennium Force, fifteen minute wait normally forty five to sixty minute wait. Next, Maverick, a ride none of us had ever rode. This was also only a fifteen minute wait. So far the day was going well, until there was a malfunction with the ride and caused us to WAIT fifty minutes in the boiling sun stuck in the seat. After the problem was finally fixed and we could be undocked, one of the members in our group decided to tell us she didn’t eat anything while we were at the house and that she was hungry. From there we agreed to ride one more ride then head the car. Once the ride was done we grabbed the car keys out of the backpack and headed for the front, but on the way we noticed rides that had fifteen to no wait opportunities no one could pass up.


One PM

                Five rides later we finally make it to the car, where we notice that the keys are missing. Everyone checks their pockets and bags, still the keys are missing. A worried trip to the security office in the park leads us to a dead end. We checked back at all the rides we rode hoping that they fell into the seat and someone noticed that they were there, but nothing turned up.



                With the locksmith called and on his way we headed back into the park, why waste a ticket when there is nothing more that we could do. We ride the rides although our sprits had been torn down we have fun but not as much as we would have if it wasn’t for our little problem. At eight the locksmith calls to inform us that he is in the park. We run to the car and wait for the key to be finished. Nine comes around and he is finished, we pay him and thank him ever so much. There is still an hour before the park closed; the driver wants to just go home, it was a long and stressful day on his part, but the other girl in our group literally pouted because she wanted to go back into the park.


Nine Twenty PM

                We pull out of the parking lot saying goodbye to the roller coaster capital. With food now in our stomachs and yet another long drive ahead of us, we still hear complaining from the back seat. That trip will be one that I will always regret taking.

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