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On December 27th 1994 I was born in Dar Es salaam,Tanzania but within a couple months I moved to the United States of America. It was until the summer of 2010 that I returned back to Tanzania; unfamiliar of the environment,social life and structure of the country. I lived my whole life in Maryland,USA and traveling form state to state was a hassle mentally let alone visiting a foreign country. By the time I touched down I realized I wasn't in Maryland anymore, as much as I wanted to click my heels and zap back home, I knew that this trip was going to be an experience to be experienced!I had an amazing greeting by my grandparents, aunts,cousins and other relatives I've never met, or if I did meet them I was a small child. I did many things there and traveled a lot, however one place I went was very special to me; the Mikumi National Park. The Mikumi National Park is an incredible and vast amount of land consisting of large plains and tall grasses where lions,gazelles, Buffalo, and many other wild animals roam freely while tourist drive by them. As everyone knows, most wild animals in the United states are kept in cages and people are able to interact with them in a limited stance. However in Mikumi, a tourist could come face to face with wild animals if they pleases, but not recommended. We woke up at 5 AM,met up with the tour guide and started driving along the park. We went to get registered at the park and hopped back in our car to start our adventures. 30 minutes in and nothing occurred yet, the most I saw was gazelle which was trapped in mud which tour guides had to free.Don’t get me wrong, I thought seeing gazelles up close through my car window was really amazing however, I was hoping to see the bigger animals; mainly the Big Five Game. The big five game are the most prestigious animals in Africa and they include: the Lion,Elephant,Buffalo,Leopard and Rhinoceros. After an hour and a half of driving, we drove by another tour guide who told us that there was a male and female lion awakening about mile from where we were at the time. We started driving to the area and started to notice an abundance of Jackals, this is when my grandfather told me that we must be near the lions because Jackals usually take the leftover carcasses from the lions and they stay near them. A few minutes later we saw a group of tour vehicles and new that the lions must be near. As we drive up and park we see a Male and female lion stretching and yawning feet away from us. This was really special to me because I've never seen a Lion before in person, not even in the zoo, the closest I came to seeing a lion before this was on the Discovery Channel or Lion King. Though this was an interesting moment I was quite frightened. Not just because of the presence on Lions; because my grandfather was lightly provoking them by “speaking” to them from a distance. Luckily my grandfather's provocations did not succeed and the Lion and lioness continued to rest. For the rest of the day we saw animals such as Giraffes,baboons(do not feed them), Buffalo's, hippos and much more. Thousands away from Maryland,what I called home, but I’all always know Tanzania with be my home away from home.

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