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It was the first weekend of the school year and I was impatiently waiting for the doorbell to ring so that I could be on my way to Imperial Beach with my best friend Lindsey.


When the doorbell finally rang, I shot up from my chair, grabbed my suitcase and rushed to the front door to find Lindsey waiting for me. I turned back towards the house and yelled goodbye to my parents as I walked out to the van that was sitting in front of my house. I was incredibly excited about going to the beach for the first time in years.


           Many tiring hours later, we finally arrived at Imperial Beach. Half asleep, we all stumbled out of the van and into the condo that we would stay at. We opened the front door to find the small condo already occupied by five other people. I stood off to the side while everyone else greeted each other until Lindsey introduced me to her grandparents and cousins that we would stay with. Since I had been stuck in a small car for such a long time, I was ready to go to bed as soon as the introductions were finished.

The next day we decided to walk down the street to a small diner for breakfast. While we were walking there, I started to get a good understanding of the kind of town that we were in. I quickly realized that Imperial Beach was a very compact town with lots of interesting stores around every corner.

Once we finished eating at the diner, almost everyone went back to the condo but Lindsey, her mom and me who continued to walk around town. After walking around a bit, we walked up to a small shack covered in paintings of different sea creatures and a big sign that said “Bibbey’s Shell Shop”.

Everyone else seemed to be familiar with the building, so I followed them through the front door and entered one of the most interesting stores I have ever been in. I looked around and saw all kinds of little trinkets, jewelry, polished rocks, and sea shells. I looked to my right to see a man with a dark tan greeting all of us. He started to talk to Lindsey and her mom and asking how they had been since the last time they had come to his shop. While the three of them talked, I continued to walk around the small shop and looked at all the interesting things it had to offer.  A few minutes later, Lindsey walked up to me and started looking around the store with me. Eventually we each picked out a necklace and then kept on walking around the town.

We headed towards the boardwalk to find some more interesting stores. I noticed a place to eat and pointed it out to Lindsey, but she urged that we keep walking. We continued onto the boardwalk and saw people fishing and having a good time. After a few more minutes, we reached the end of the boardwalk where there was a small building surrounded by people sitting at tables and eating fish. Lindsey and I walked into the restaurant and ate some of the best fish tacos I have ever had for lunch.

When we finished eating, we headed back down the boardwalk that was filled with people enjoying themselves and went back to the condo.

After being right next to the beach for so long, we decided to change into our swimsuits and left for the beach. Finally getting in the water after being surrounded by it for so long was a blast. Lindsey and I spent the rest of the day swimming and riding boogie boards until we were exhausted and headed back to the condo to meet up with the rest of Lindsey’s family.

We all spent the rest of the evening sitting around the living room and talking to each other. We had a lot of fun and got to know each other very well. I went to bed a few hours later and in the morning it was time for us to leave.

Although I wish it could have lasted longer, I had a lot of fun on my trip to Imperial Beach. I got to know a wonderful little town, as well as my best friend.

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