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After years of waiting, I finally took the flight back to Chinato visit my hometown. I miss authentic Chinese food, my friends and of course my parents.


 21hours of sitting on the seat without moving was a total nightmare.I don’t describe myself as a moving person, but staying in a frozen position was intolerable.


Right after I got off the airplane, I felt an intense stress coming out of my butt, it was such an awesome release. Anyway, I spotted my parents the second I got my suitcase.  I waved at them so hard that I could feel the muscles were shaking. They looked at me for a few seconds like they didn’t recognize me and say: “Hey you got taller!”


After all the hugging and condolence, we finally left the airport. It’s really nice to look around the city since it changed so much that I almost couldn’t recognize it. The lights were splendid, and the buildings were magnificent, everything went together perfectly like a picture made out of electricity. With the awesome picture, I came up with a brilliant plan. Since the city changed so much, there must be a lot of places that I had never been! However, I should call my best friends and spend a day to ride bicycles through the city. It would be such a meaningful trip!


Right after I woke up, I told my friends the idea! They were very so excited due to the fact that it’s been years after we last met.


When we saw each other, we were shocked how we all looked so different. We would definitely take each other as strangers if we walk pass. It was really hard to see each other looking so much mature because the pictures of how we look were still remaining at the time we separated. But now, we are all young adults!


We decided to go to the richest area in the city “Zhujiang New Town”. The trip gave us a lot of chances to talk to each other. I really admired the power of having friends. Even though I have a lot of friends in the US, but I don’t have a friend that I could talk with none stop or I could gossip with. I always thought that I was a social network myself, but in this network, there were only a few that were my true friends. Spending time with my true friends was different then hanging out with some “friends”. I could make fun of them without being scared that they will get pissed off; I could criticize them without thinking that they will get sad and I could break up with them and still be the BFF after.


It took us 7 hours to the town, but time seems passing really fast. The moon started to show up and the lights started to light up. We were very lucky that the second we arrived, the “fountain of the river” started to perform. It was magnificent. The Guangzhou Theater started to glow out of the dark, it was covered all over with LED screen.  Behind the Fountain was the tallest building in the nation—Guangzhou TV Tower, the building was a dream, a dream that came true. With the lights on the tower and the buildings, the city was glamorous. I had never seen this side of the city, it totally blew me out.


Of course, a lot of fun things happened in the other days, but there is no way that I could forget this glorious night.

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