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The trees all covered in moss watch over the wildlife that roams the moist forests. Fallen branches snap all around as they are crunched underneath the hoafs of the deer that venture through this miraculous place. I'm a Southern California resident and here there are dry forest that lack the ecosystem of what I have recently witnessed. I am a visitor of Washington State and I could not be more mesmerized by its beauty. For a state that is the home to vampires and werewolves, a feeling of serenity overcomes you as you pass its mysterious waterfalls, its exciting caves, and all of the aspects our 42nd state provides to Earth. The raging rivers leave their viewers in awe. When you are surrounded by such beauty you can't help but think that our planet is amazing. Every vibrant flower that dances around your feet has the power to enclose a world of majestic life. Washington is one of the most beautiful places the planet has to offer but is unseen because of the more inviting destinations.

Poking through the clouds that soar over Washington are the many mountains that welcome blankets of snow. One of America's greatest catstrophes lies in the ruins on the trees that went from green giants to dead logs in just seconds. Mount St. Helens, Washington's most famous volcano, was once a flawless dome and a friend to people residing near its base. The 1980 eruption blew off the side of this volcano's dome. The sight makes you breathless as you imagine what people went through at this time. The visitor centers show us what happened, but no pictures can show what Washington's residents had felt. Although destructive, the eruption has brought people together to restore Mount St. Helens to its natural state. The beaches, like La Push beach, and the coastlines are yet another aspect that adds to Washington's allure. Bald eagles, seals, and pods of orca live in this environment of untamed charm. I have never been to a place that holds so many emotions and such incredible life.

Washington not only houses stunning nature, but also large cities like Seattle. Visiting Seattle was another great experience I had this summer. With many fun activities it is impossible to be bored. Zoos, museums, and aquariums create an environment that is suitable to both children and adults. Like any other, this state shares its hold of myths. Both Bigfoot and ghost sighting have been reported throughout the state. My family and I kept our eyes open yet sadly did not see anything as we traveled to the various Holiday Inns we stayed at.

From thick forests to beautiful coatlines, large cities to spooky places, Washington is one of the best places I have traveled to. Many of my memories now belong to this state. Like any other vacation, this one had its problems. We had trouble navigating roads and finding places that were hidden behind tall trees, but no vacation is determined by what goes wrong buy rather the time spent with the ones you love. This trip has helped me realize we should not take things for granted in this world and that we should all take a minute to soak in Earth's beauty. This trip meant so much to me in the sense that it brought my family closer together. I recommend it to families of all ages to take a vacation to the wonderful Washington.

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