Hardest and most amazing 2.5 months of my life. - My Family Travels

It was an experience that I never imagined myself being able to live. It was trip that I had alaways dreamed of, but never thought I could make it to. And it was the hardest and most amazing two and half months of my life. No, I'm not some rich kid who traveled through China as a foreign exchanged student. And no, my family didn't take a long cruise all the way to Antarctica. But instead, I worked like there was nothing else going on in my life, fundraised, practiced for hours on end, and took weekend trips to try out and such. The end result? I became a member of the Drum Corp International Boston Crusaders and got to travel all over the country for the summer before my senior year.

I had never traveled outside of my homestate before. Now, I was about to take a flight, all by myself, across the country and meet the people I would be living on a bus with for the next two and a half months. I have to admit, I was nervous! I got on the plane, after almost missing my flight, and soon into the travel time, the flight attendant spilled water all over me. After having to run to catch my plane and becoming drenched half way through the flight, I couldn't help but think to myself, "what I am getting myself into?"

The first few weeks were a challenge! We learned the entire show, became masters of the music we were to be playing for people all over the country, and worked from 7am till midnight some nights. I'm a teenage boy! I need my sleep! But, it was all completely worth it. My first show was an experience I know I'll never forget. To think about how hard I had worked, and now I was a member of and about to perform with one of the most prestigious bands on the country… It felt incredible!

Each place we played at and each show we put on brought new memories and experiences. From the feeling I had performing in a dome to the feeling I had when it was 100 degrees out and I was wearing a 20 pound uniform, it was all such an experience I know I'll never forget. The show that meant the most to me was when I came home to Orlando and got to actually see all the people who care about me, there for me. It was the first time I had seen them in two months. Seeing them there and caring like they did, it made me realize how I had gotten there in the first place.

Like I said, I'm not some rich kid who got to travel to an outside country. I worked as hard as I possibly could to raise over 4 grand all on my own to make this trip happen. With the help of some amazing people around me, my dream came true. In my opinion, anyone can have a dream to travel. But the feeling you recieve when you know you actually worked to make your trip come true… is so much more rewarding and worth it! Being a member of the Boston Crusaders 2011 was such an honor and an experience. I took a two and half month trip around the country seeing things I never thought were there and playing for hundreds of thousands of people. Anyone can take a trip, but you have to be a little special and different to take a trip like this.

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