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It was the sixth day of July, a day that opened my eyes to a new beauty in our world. This was the last day of our mission trip which we used to relax and explore the majestic mountains of Colorado. After 22 long hours of driving, and 3 long days of working, we were all exhausted and ready for a break.

We decided to take a trip to the top of Mount Evans, also known as the highest paved road in North America. The trip up to the top was quite a journey in itself. Considering the sights we saw just starting into the mountains, I believe we would have been satisfied after the first mile. We continued traveling up in disbelief.

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Coming from Ohio, none of us had ever been in the mountains, so we were in awe of the extraordinary beauty of the mountaintops. As we traveled higher, the roads began to narrow and became much steeper, and there drastic twists wrapping around the mountain. Fear was lurking in the back of all of our minds, but somehow the sights outside our windows kept us distracted from the tight roads hugging the edge of the mountain. Our eyes were focused on making it to the top. The ground below us was no longer in sight and we were miles above the tallest trees on the mountain. When we finally reached flat surface, a sigh of relief filled the van. We were 14,130 feet above sea level, standing in the middle of what we called the most beautiful place on earth.

The first step out of the van literally took our breath away because the drastic change in temperature, as well as the overwhelming feeling of amazement. We felt we were standing on hallowed ground, undeserving to be standing on land so majestic. It was just like a painting of every color imaginable, certainly like nothing we had ever seen before! Our jaws dropped as we looked into a whole new world. Surrounded by the glorious mountains, we stood in awe of such beauty. The sky was painted orange like a blazing fire with streaks of pinks, and purples and blues. We were standing above the evening sunset, looking down into the blanket of fluffy clouds below us. The radiant sunset glowed into each of our hearts, for we knew this was a moment we would cherish forever.

This trip changed me in many ways and meant so much to me. Standing on top of that mountain, we marveled at the beauty we would one day experience in heaven. It was hard to even imagine anything more heavenly than what we were experiencing, but we rejoiced at the idea that there is a place far more glorious prepared for us one day in heaven. Tears of joy and astonishment filled our eyes as we felt so unworthy to be standing on one of God's most beautiful creations. It was a feeling that no words can even describe. After traveling a long, treacherous road, we made it to our destination and saw a sight that many may never have the opportunity to see. We learned, sometimes in life you are faced with many challenges, but if you keep traveling that narrow road,  if you never give up, you will soon be rewarded. Standing on top of Mount Evans made me feel like I was floating on a cloud, and my heart was filled with overwhelming amazement of the glorious mountains. It was truly a breathtaking experience that I will never forget!

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