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Costa Rica 166
Costa Rica 166


           Costa Rica is like a poor man's kitchen. There are zesty spices that can send one with a “BANG!” in life rather than in their food. And the way people move with the beat of their culture is a Saturday night of dancing to zydeco music. Their road rage motto goes for our “finger lickin' good”, pot picking food. “M or D.” Move or die. While children's hands are being led from the fast moving streets of San Jose, hands are being snapped at with hot spoons in Louisiana's kitchens. I left my Louisiana to find something in life that I didn't have, only to realize every thing I want runs through a boiling pot of water.

          Two men were placed at my shoulders. One couch flight opened a window where a crawfish pie sat upon it's seal. It gave me the smell of what could be, letting my mind create its own map. Some people are polite, and some are rude, but whether polite or not, they're still people. Individuals who go to work for their living, and critique themselves at the end of the day. The world isn't as scary as it seems. It's big, but regardless where you're at, the person sitting next to you was born through a womb, raised in an environment, and they're doing the same thing everyone's trying to do. Make it. Sitting upon strangers settled me into the idea of growing up. It's hard work, but the experience is worth it.

          Between the spicy life of racing cars and no street signs every thing on the roads became one big blur of New York. The tunes of different horns were the only reason I felt real. It was like a dream. Hot garbage juice filled the walking streets with murky water, and the stands open for business seemed more crowded than possibly. When one shoulder would turn someone else was bumping you by accident. Seeing people act as themselves, not advertising signs about perfect skin and bodies was different. Instead, they ranted about how wonderful their gold bangles and purple scarves looked. No one saw me as the unfit girl. People simply saw me as a healthy person with decent taste in jewelry. It was advertisement, but it wasn't to hurt people or change them. If any change it was more self pride from the compliments of others. Being out in the world unsheltered opened my eyes to knowing that even when my friends and I go our separate ways we will be fine. Staying close with them is great, but what's important is to grow with the experiences I've encountered with them.

          Costa Rica changed my mind on the views of the world by showing me that money isn't everything. It gets you places and is nice, but if you're not happy being yourself it isn't going to fill that void. Family is one of the most important qualities of making a person happy, whether it's a family created or a family one has simply grown from. Passion is the next. Do what is desired. Returning to my Louisiana with a pot of plain black beans and a zesty mind filled my void by showing me that I can be happy in whatever I do as long as I have what's important to me at heart.  

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  • autumnbillodeau

    I've learned more about myself within the past year than I ever have before. Growing up is scary and stressful, but when you're pushed out there into the world it's not as bad as it seems. 

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