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For two years my family has been planning to go to Mexico. We went two years earlier for my cousin's fifteenth birthday party, and we decided to go back again for mine. We went to Guadalajara, Jalisco. This is where we always go and where I love going to. This vacation was almost two months long, and the best. This place means a lot to me because my family is here. Even though i have a lot of family from my Dad's side here in the United States, there are more back in Mexico. My Mom's whole family is over there, and it is really good to see them. When we go it is sad and exciting. It is sad because we still haven's been used to traveling without my Dad. Ever since he passed away, traveling has been hard. It is exciting because after a long time we finally get to see our family again.

When we go we always go to my Aunt's ,from my Dad's side, house. We get a warm welcome, everyone is there, and one of my best cousins are there. Then we go to my Grandpa's house form my Mom's side. There i have many cousins whom I am extremely close to as well. The first month was all about practices for my Quinceanera. We also went out to the Downtown of the city, had adventures, and went out many times when we had the chance. These little adventures are what make my trip worthwhile, and what makes the trip meaningful.  After the party, we tried to do as much things as we can. On our last week, out of the blue, my Uncle decided to go to the beach. He invited all of us, even my family from my mom's side, and we went to Guayabitos, Nayarit. We had rented a van to drive around, so we took the van and my cousins car. We were 20 in total.

On our way, we had the craziest most unexpected trip ever!  When we were entering the state of Nayarit, the car decides to turn off. We were high up in the mountains, with no source of help anywhere. We got the car to turn back on 15 minutes later, and we drove as much as we could before it would turn off again. We drove for 10 minutes when the car breaks down again. We had very little signal in our cell phones, but we tried to call the company of the car we rented. They were of no help, and we tried again to start the car. It started again another 15 minutes later, and we kept driving until we got to a toll road and asked for help. The man told us where we can find help and we went. Over there they have what they call "Angeles Verdes" and they are people who drive around helping out people with anything they need like automobile repair, tourist information,etc. They took a look at our car and found out what the problem was. The oil was thicker than glue and the wires were all burnt out. They fixed it, we thanked them, payed them, and continued our long trip. 

Once we got to Guayabitos, we got stopped by the police. We had a car with no license plates in the back, and they were from a state where there were many problems. We thought they stopped us because of the license plates, but we were wrong. It turned out that neither were our break or back lights were working. We were shocked that we had barely find out, and hadn't noticed before. He told us where we can find a mechanic to get it fixed because it was already dark, and it was very dangerous to not have them. We thanked him, and went on our way. We finally got to the bungalows we planned on renting. We were relieved to finally get there. We had a lot of fun, and went into the beach from 6 in the morning to midnight. The downfall to this was that we had got so badly sunburned that our whole body,especially our face, was red. It hurt so bad to move, talk, and sit. The view was amazing, and there were little islands nearby, which we could also visit by boat. The water was clear blue, no sea weed, and at all hours it was really warm. At 6 in the morning it was warm, at 11 in the night it was still warm, even when it started to rain it was warm. We spent our vacation marvelous, and were sad to leave.

When we were going back, we stopped by to get the lights fixed. We got them fixed and went on our way. The road was very curvy and there were many turns since the road was up in between the mountains.The road to get out of Guayabito's was getting fixed, and our lane to go back was closed down. One of my cousins had been sleeping, and wakes up out of the nowhere. She wakes up and vomits all over the chair and my other cousin. It was disgusting to see that right in front of us, and it was really hard to not throw up as well. It was a hot, humid day, and the smell was extremely strong. My cousin who got thrown up all over her, was trying to ignore the fact that she had throw up all over her. WE were stuck in traffic waiting to get the road fixed for an hour. We finally get the clear, and quickly get to a nearby gasoline station. My cousins rush to the bathroom to clean them selves. We finally reached home, and were ready to rest. This was my crazy unexpected vacation, but it was a vacation that will always be memorable.

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