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You see I've always gone to Phoenix, AZ since I was twelve years old, but this time it was different. My aunts live in Phoenix until one recently moved to Buckeye; ever since I was young I would travel by bus with my mom and older sister to visit them until this past New Years. My sister was working and my mom couldn't travel these days so I decided to travel on my own. As they all left me in the bus stop and said their goodbyes I was half way done biting my nails. I never knew traveling on my in own would be so nerve wracking until half way to Arizona we got searched by the Immigration Rangers. I was ready to urinate myself, especially because i hadn’t gone to the restroom for the past three hours. I really had no intentions to get up my seat until I got to my destination. I'm a U.S. citizen but I’ve seen how they search people on the news and even if i didn’t want it to be they looked pretty intimidating. One got close to me and asked me something which i couldn’t make out because i was so nervous so i just gave him my birth certificate, after he gave it back i knew everything would be okay. Once i got to the bus stop one of my aunts came to pick me up and took me to see everyone. I felt as happy as i always do when i get to Arizona. Arizona is so beautiful to me, i love the weather and i love that my family is so close to me. I spent one week in each of my aunts’ houses. One of my twin aunts leaves in Buckeye which is just as beautiful as Phoenix except it's more suburban. My favorite part was when she took me to see the star tower called Estrella in Goodyear. The stars were so bright and i felt like one of them, in a million tiny dots.

I had a Slurpee every day because they were only seventy nine cents!!!! Pretty cheap for my Slurpee needs. I also ate so much I could’ve fed two ginormous hippopotamuses! My aunts spoiled me so much and I had so much fun fooling around with the cousins that I lost track of time. My three weeks went by so fast that I was actually sad to leave my sunny side and go back to California. Although I missed my family a lot I kind of wanted to stay for one more week. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to since I had to go back to school the upcoming Monday. On my ride back I thought of all the possibilities. I wasn’t so scared anymore I felt independent and responsible.  I actually felt like somebody in all those million stars. I felt so great that now that I’m a senior I decided to go to college in Arizona. I got accepted to Grand Canyon University which is so beautiful and I’ll be living with one of my aunts. I’ll finally feel this way again, like I’m the brightest star out there.  

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