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   5:30 a.m.- the car is packed and everyone is ready to go! Woo! The Outer Banks awaits! This is the trip our family has been waiting for all year long! So, naturally, everyone is excited, well except the dogs. They know we're going away for a few days and they're sure to miss us.  So we hit the highway and the music is low so us kids could sleep a little bit longer. But, I'm too excited to sleep. This is the trip I wait for every single year. This year, I was particularly excited because I miss the beach and I got to bring a friend along this year.  Now fast forward about 9 hours.

       The very top of North Carolina is where we are. That means that we have yet to cross the totally awesome bridge, the one my mom dreads, that goes right across the sound. This is exactly the point where my heaven starts, because I know it won't be long now until we get to the Outer Banks. So we keep driving until I see Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. That is absolutely the best part of my day. The lighthouse is the most amazing structure that I have ever seen, aside from St.Patrick's Cathedral in New York City.  

    We take the afternoon after we arrive at our amazing little beach house to unpack, explore and find our way to the beach. I was in a real hurry to get my toes in the sand, so i threw half of my clothes in the dresser, quickly made my bed and put my bathing suit on. Little did any of us know, this was only the very beginning. 

   On Wednesday, while I was deep-sea fishing with my dad, the captain told us that there had been an earthquake in Virginia. That is really rare, because the east coast sits mostly on one tectonic plate. Seeing as no one remembered the last earthquake on the east coast, we went back to the beach house very curious.

    Turns out, the whole story about the earthquake is completely true. But something even more troubling is coming. Hurricane Irene is barreling towards the Outer Banks at an alarming rate. But what is even scarier than the hurricane, is that if you watched the TV and the way the hurricane was appearing to go- we were going to be right in the middle of the hurricane. Rather than take any risks, my dad elects to pack up the car (this is two days before we are actually supposed to leave the beach). So, naturally, we’re scrambling to get our stuff and the car packed.

    As we’re packing our things, my little sister headed to the outside shower to clean up before we hit the road. As my parents and I are collecting our belongings, I hear my mom call out, “What Grace?” I turned and looked at her and asked what she was talking about. She told me she heard my sister call her name. I tell my mom that Grace is in the outdoor shower, and fear crosses my mother’s face. She had just heard a ghost in our beach house.

   As we get in the car to leave, all excitement leaves me. I spent three short days at the beach. The most depressing part of that is, the hurricane cut it short. The memories from that vacation are by far the best, from the deep-sea fishing to the ghost that my mom was talking to. But no memories will ever be better than the ones from the drive home!

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